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Need to Add Page Numbers to PDF ASAP? Use PDFBear!

To make our work easier, quicker, and more convenient, we employ a variety of tools for our PDF files. Convert, split, combine, add page numbers and electronic signature, compress, and many other features to our PDF documents are available with these tools. These tools assist us in organizing our files so that they can be applied to our needs.

One of the most famous and relevant PDF tools out there is the PDFBear. With PDFBear, you can be provided with a variety of functions for a PDF file with a reduced price while retaining file quality. It is also great in keeping your files secure, thanks to its 256-bit encryption. In this article, we’ll go over how to add a page number step by step.

How to Add Page Numbers?

We use Add Page to PDF Tools to make our documents look more professional and presentable. This aids in the discovery of files that we need to seek or exhibit to everyone else. With the assistance of PDFBear, adding page numbers became simple and quick. By completing the 4-step guidelines given by PDFBear, the important files are sure to be done for their main purpose.

First, choose the PDF file to which you want the page numbers to be appended. Following that, you must wait for the file to be uploaded to the system. Once the files have been submitted, you may update and modify them to place the page numbers where you want them. You may also change the position and style of the numbers you add to your files using PDFBear. You can also keep adding page numbers to them after recognizing the first page as the cover page.

Other Functional Tools of PDFBear

Merging, compressing, signing, splitting, and converting PDF files are just a few of the multiple available tools you can use on the PDFBear website. Here is how helpful they are:

Merge PDF

Merging is the process of joining two or more files into one. Merging your documents could make it easier to find them and give you extra storage space. It also helps you become more organized and may help prevent any potential problems, such as printing errors or missing files.

PDF Compression

Compressing a PDF file entails shrinking the file size. Compressing a PDF file makes sending an email easier and faster for all users. Sending a file in many popular messaging apps limits to only 20-50 MB. If your PDF file is in 60 MB, it will of course not be sent. This PDF compressor will help you solve that problem by reducing the size of your file without compromising its quality.

Sign PDF

When you sign a PDF file, you’re ensuring the document’s integrity. Also, signing PDF electronically will benefit especially if you’re an adviser or manager that is always on the go and your student or worker needs you to sign some important documents. It will not make them go to your location for signing when you can make it digitally.

Splitting PDF

Splitting a PDF file into many files is what this tool signifies. It results in a smaller file that is easier to identify without having to navigate through a lot of bookmarks. When PDFs are split, it is also easy to open and access them especially if you only need one to two pages from 200-page e-books.

Convert PDF

Finally, converting a PDF entails changing the format of your files, such as from or to Word, PPT, JPG, Excel, PDFA, PNG, and HTML. Converting PDF is the most popularly used tool of PDFBear. Just like the other tools, it has easy-to-follow procedures that will make you finish one task in a matter of seconds.

Suitability to Any Platform

PDFBear is an internet-based application that was created to work across practically all platforms. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. This online tool is also compatible with a variety of browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

The Cloud Technology

The greatest aspect of using PDFBear as a web-based tool is the ability to store it in the cloud system. You don’t need to install or have a connection to Adobe Acrobat Reader o access your file as long as you’re with the Cloud System. Furthermore, if you store your file in the cloud, you may access it whenever you want as long as you have internet access.

In a Nutshell

PDFBear is an online platform that is both safe and secure. Users could use their tools quickly and easily while maintaining the highest possible document quality. It is affordable and may be accessed at any time by anyone with an internet connection. PDFBear is compatible with a wide range of electrical devices. As a result, you may use it on tablets, laptops, cellphones, and desktop computers.

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