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Nancy Wheeler Relationship: Life Story and Why Nancy and Steve Shouldn’t Get Back Together?

Nancy Wheeler is a fictional character from the Netflix television show Stranger Things, portrayed by Natalia Dyer. Nancy Wheeler is Mike’s sister and Robin Buckley’s girlfriend. Nancy starts investigating the disappearance of Will Byers when her friend Barbara Holland goes missing as well. She hooks up with her future boyfriend Jonathan Byers to investigate Will and Barbara’s disappearance, which leads to her discovery of Upside Down, another reality.

Stranger Things has finally returned to answer all of our burning questions. With new characters and plotlines being introduced in Season 4 volume 1, one of the most intriguing aspects of Season 4 volume 2 will be how Steve and Nancy get along.

Nancy Wheeler Relationship

Before the release of season 4, we wondered whether there was a chance for the former couple to reunite in the new episodes because Nancy and Jonathan were now separated by thousands of miles across the country. At the end of Stranger Things season 3, the Byers family and Eleven move to California, away from Hawkins, Indiana. While trouble still manages to find them on the West Coast, the distance sure puts a strain on Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead From Stranger Things Season 4!

Do Steve and Nancy Get Back Together in Stranger Things Season 4?

At the beginning of Stranger Things season 4 part 1, Nancy remains in a long-distance relationship with Jonathan, who as previously mentioned went to California with his family, and Steve continues to be on a fruitless chase to find a girlfriend in Hawkins.

Steve still works at the video store with Robin, while Nancy continues busy with her journalistic endeavours at school and her college ambitions shortly. The exes have taken two separate paths, but their paths cross once more while getting mixed up in the Vecna hunt.

Although strong sparks are rekindling between Steve and Nancy, the pair don’t officially get back together in any shape or form. Even though you could sense the passion and affection between them in several episodes, they don’t make any moves. Their getting back together is heavily alluded to, especially by Robin and again by Eddie, although Nancy and Jonathan are still dating.

Season 4 of Stranger Things Will See the End of Nancy and Jonathan’s Relationship

Trouble in paradise had been brewing for Nancy and Jonathan, but they rejoin at the end of volume 2 and seem to be okay… for now. The relationship is travelling on opposite paths since Jonathan isn’t sure about joining her at college and still isn’t being truthful about it. Seeing as Nancy and Jonathan are still together at the end of Stranger Things season 4 volume 2, it’s safe to assume that Nancy and Steve will never get back together. Season 5 is, of course, an option.

To learn more about Stranger Things season 5, check back with Netflix Life, and don’t forget to binge-watch the first nine episodes of season 4 right away!

The Life Story of a Fictional Individual in Season One

Nancy is Ted and Karen Wheeler’s oldest child. She has a younger brother, Mike, and a younger sister, Holly. She is presented as close friends with Barbara Holland, who doesn’t agree with Nancy’s new relationship with Steve Harrington. She is also seen to have grown somewhat estranged from her brother and his friends and is ignorant of Jonathan’s secret emotions for her.

After Will goes away, Nancy offers her feelings to Jonathan, something which divides her from Steve’s other pals, who think Jonathan is a weirdo and is likely responsible for Will’s disappearance. Nancy got involved in the investigation after Barbara disappears while Nancy is having sex with Steve. Due to her sorrow for abandoning Barbara and her drive to find out what happened to her friend, Nancy meets up with Jonathan to discuss Will and Barbara’s absence.

Nancy Wheeler Relationship

During their inquiry, Jonathan and Nancy find the parallel dimension known as “The Upside-Down,” where the beast who kidnapped Barbara — The Demogorgon – dwells. The Upside-Down is no match for Nancy and Jonathan, who are reunited in Nancy’s home and reunited in her bed to comfort one another after Nancy’s successful escape. Steve sees this and feels Nancy is having an affair with him because of the way he interprets the event.

Steve’s pals Tommy H. and Carol spray-paint the Hawkins movie theatre with slut-shaming graffiti in a fit of wrath. Nancy confronts Steve, which culminates in a fight between Jonathan and Steve, leading to Jonathan’s incarceration.

After Hopper gets a call from the station that Jonathan has been detained, he and Joyce return to Hawkins where they relay the facts they know about The Demogorgon. Nancy successfully contacts Mike, who has gone into hiding due to having befriended Eleven and become a target of the Hawkins lab.


Nancy reunites with Mike and his buddies at Hawkins Middle School where they build a makeshift sensory deprivation tank for Eleven to be able to use to find Will and Barbara. Nancy’s determination to slay the Demogorgon is solidified when Eleven reveals that Barbara has been devoured by the monster.


The portrayal of Nancy by Natalia Dyer has garnered very excellent critical acclaim. Nancy’s transformation from a typical adolescent to a strong and independent young woman was well-received by both fans and critics.

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Nancy’s plotline in season 3 was considered by many as The Duffer Brothers’ take on professional sexism and sexual harassment, and how Nancy overcome the humiliation. Even though this plot was hailed by some as a shining example of how contemporary social issues might be addressed in fiction, others panned the story’s disappointing conclusion.

Nancy Wheeler Relationship

Nancy’s connection with Jonathan Byers has also been considered by fans and critics as a positive point in the series, and their evolution into a loving couple was seen as being well-deserved. Critics and fans have also observed how effectively the two work together, particularly the chemistry between Dyer and Charlie Heaton, who began dating in real life between the production of seasons 1 and 2


Nancy Wheeler, represented by Natalia Dyer, is a key character in Stranger Things. She is the older sister of Mike Wheeler, the former girlfriend of Steve Harrington, and the current girlfriend of Jonathan Byers.

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