Everything You Need to Know About Name That Tune Host

Name that tune is basically a music game show. It is an American television show which has been originally created by Harry salter and Roberta simple Salter, the husband and wife created this music game show this is an American television series based on a game, in which the contestants were chosen has to compete this is a game where contestants has to identify songs which are played by band. There is a band which is playing songs and contestants have to identify the song correctly the right song

This game show series was premiered in 1952 and till 1954. It was all around and it was moved on television in 1953 and this person highlight in 1959 series went very good. As it was a music game show where contestant has to play identifying songs. Name that tune was filmed in Australia and the contestants of the game so was Americans itself. Name that tune is based on a concept which is taken by stop the music.

And there was a person Mark Cochin who created the stop the music in this show series. The concept was that the listeners and viewers who were listening to stop the music has to identify the melodies, which what is used to be played by band.


Name That Tune : Host

Name that tune was firstly hosted by Dennis James was the first one to host name that tune games or series in 1975 the time span was 29 July 1974 to 3 January 1975 she was the first want to host the name that tune. The second time name that tune was hosted bye Tom Kennedy in 1977. His time span was three January to 10th June . In 50s it was hosted by George Dewitt. Now the first time in the history name that tune has been hosted by a woman Jane Krakowski.

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Who Is the Girl Into ‘name That Tune’ Series

The girl in the show is a singer and actress born on October 11, 1968 who is Jane Krakowski.

name that tune

About the Series

As it was difficult to understand, I tried the best and the simplest way to explain you about the game and how it is played and how you can receive the amount on winning the show:-

There was one original series, and in 1950s version in the original series. The game was some but like that the for first correct answer the word value was dollar 25 and for each correct answer followed by the first answer will double the money for the user for the listener and you are for the correct answer person.

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Now, in 1950s version the game was somewhat changed for correctly identify the tune. The Force Tune worth was dollar size and for each correct answer the first worth value of the tune was dollar five and the fourth and the last tune was value dollar 40.

What was the game actually, in the game there were certain contestants. Who has to be stood across the stage and there was a band in front of them. The band used to play the songs, play the melodies and then the contestant has to identify the song correctly. The one contestant among the all, who knew that song has to quickly ran across the stage and has to ring the bell and has to read aloud the name of the tune, and if the tune identified correctly. Then the word value is certain above dollar values. Above dollar amounts each game for tunes were played and the value was so worth dollars but the contestant has to have to identify the correct tune and has to ring the bell and quickly name that tune.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Who Played the Piano on Name That Tune?

The piano player of name that tune the original player who is Joseph Harnell. He is a songwriter and very famous composer of the songs.

Is ‘Name That Tune fake?

It has been a very highlighted myth about name that tune that it is fake. But for you guys it is live up to it that, name that tune series has been played this game. So as being played in front of a live audience. It was filmed during the corona time pandemic. It was filmed in Australia and the live band play a song players were playing the songs there was live audience. Who was on the concert every contestant was real every banned player was real.

 What Are the Update for ‘Name That Tune’ 2021?

The live updates are that name that tune series is not cancelled and also there is no update for the series to launch the second season as of now.

 Who Was the Male Singer in the Series ?

The male singer was the band leader whose name is Randy Jackson.

 Who won the ‘name that tune’ show?

Without any other also there was a person who is the winner of a name that tune so who won the Golden medal for guessing the song and the song is stop in the name of love and he identified it correctly and it was chip.

 Who Won Dollar 10,0000 on ‘name That Tune’?

There was a person or name that tune who also one dollar one lakh as easily guessed all the seven songs correctly he was a bit anxious up at that time but then also he won the grand price of dollar one lakh because of identifying all the seven songs and it was Tim .The song tune which she identified was American pie.


Name that tune is an American television music game show. It was originally created and produced by Harry Salter and his wife Roberta Semple Salter. This series features a contest between the contestants to compete with each other and identify
Songs which are playing on On- stage orchestra or band. They have identify the songs and it is so entertaining and fun in between the contestants. They enjoy a lot in the show.

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