MX Player Ashram Web Series Review, Bobby Deol Cast Performance – Business of Religion

The torchbearers who used to do religious work used to hit the pockets of the devotees by flashing them in the eyes, but now they bathe them with halogen light and spread their business in a 360-degree angle. Not only do the backward, poor, unhappy of the society get these businessmen dirty, but even the rich, businessmen, industrialists and politicians go to their shelter.

MX Player Ashram Web Series Release Date

Due to the coming under the umbrella of the religion of these people, this business has become big business. Producer-director Prakash Jha in his first web series ashram has unleashed the layers of this fraud. The first season of Ashram was released on MX Player on Friday 28th Aug 2020.

Prakash Jha took a picture of the ashram on a large canvas and he talks about the scenes. However, they already provide legal information that this is not the real picture of religion. He is only exposing the activities of those people who make them goat by tricking the innocent and poor under the guise of religion.

We can tell from our past experiences that the tolerant Sanatan Samaj will accept the story of the Ashram in the same sense as if it considers the world as Maya and maintains its life with full devotion. Just as true devotees are blind, true viewers wear a raincoat and bathe in the shower of entertainment.

MX Player Ashram Trailer

MX Player Ashram Cast Performance

Bobby Deol fits into his role in the ashram and this character marks his return to the lead role. But he has got the good support of Chandan Roy Sanyal, the Chief Servant, Bhupa Ji. When the pair perform black exploits, they feed a new rose. Darshan Kumar leaves an impact as a police officer.

Prakash Jha on the pretext of Ujjwal Singh (Darshan Kumar), the tension between the police officers who are able to get promotion from the quota / the police officers who have been promoted / quota, has emerged beautifully after the story of the ashram.

It is a different matter that the film’s track of love with Natasha (Anupriya Goenka), the doctor who did the post-mortem of Ujala, gives a filmy appearance. Although the story of the ashram begins with wrestler Pammi (Aditi Pohankar), the character comes to a halt with her becoming a devotee of Baba Nirala in Season One. Pammi will be expected to have charisma in the second season.

MX Player Ashram Web Series Season 2

The stories of Pammi’s brother Tushar Pandey and his wife Tridha Chaudhary will also be revealed in more detail in the next season. Prakash Jha has left Season One at such a point from where you will wait for the second season.

MX Player Ashram Web Series Review

Producer-director Prakash Jha, in his first web series ashram, has uncovered many layers of misconduct running under the guise of religion. The story of the ashram tells the misdeeds of many impostors, hypocrites, robbers, rapists and murdered babas who have been imprisoned in the last few years.
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