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Murder Mystery 2 Ending Explained: Everything is Here!

Nick and Audrey Spitz return to solve a kidnapping plot, and the conclusion of Murder Mystery 2 features several surprising plot twists. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston have reprised their roles in a Netflix whodunit that begins four years after the original film. 

Nick and Audrey travel to a private island for a former friend’s wedding, but the groom is kidnapped during the festivities. The cast of Murder Mystery 2 becomes Nick and Audrey’s new list of suspects as a result of the massive investigation into The Maharajah’s (Adele Akhtar) kidnapping.

The entirety of the sequel begins four years after the conclusion of Murder Mystery, with Nick and Audrey pursuing careers as investigators/private detectives. The kidnapping of The Maharajah takes a surprising turn when the amateur crime solvers become entangled in the conspiracy and suspects in the eyes of MI6 agent Connor Miller (Mark Strong).

Nick and Audrey must embark on a global journey to clear their names and expose the real culprits behind the kidnapping of Maharajah for a $70 million ransom. In the final few minutes of Murder Mystery 2, everything is resolved. Herein are explained the plot twists and sequel hints.

Murder Mystery 2 Ending Explained

Vik then appears with a bomb strapped to his body, along with a message stating that the money must be transferred to the top floor within one minute.

Nick realizes at this point that Connor, the kidnapping expert, is the blackmailer; Connor then enters the room and explains that he faked his death.

Nick then grabs the detonator from Connor, who is escaping via a zip line, when a tourist emerges from the elevator (obviously in the wrong location). Audrey grabs him during the commotion, while Delacroix gives Nick his gun after being injured.

Nick, Audrey, and Connor Subsequently Find Themselves on the Roof

Nick, Audrey, and Connor subsequently find themselves on the roof, where Audrey threatens to throw the suitcase off the tower. Instead, she is pushed from the tower (thankfully, she is still attached to the zip wire); she grabs a gun and returns to the roof just in time to see Nick open the briefcase and the money scatter.

Audrey then attaches Connor to the wire and sends him on his way (into a helicopter blade, no less) before the audience is led to believe that the villain has been apprehended.

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Audrey Notices Saira is Bleeding When She Returns to the Restaurant

Audrey notices Saira is bleeding when she returns to the restaurant, but Saira insists it is henna from her wedding the day before.

As a former hairdresser, Audrey is aware that henna dries quickly and deduces that Saira must be the person responsible for the kidnapping of her brother, who hired Connor, based on the fact that she was absent from some of the wedding festivities. It makes sense!

Once more, she attempts to shoot her brother, but the Colonel jumps in front of the bullet. When Saira is arrested (and reveals her motivation as jealousy), Vik and Claudette announce their intention to elope, while Delacroix and Susan, a tourist, have also fallen in love. Vik then presents Nick and Audrey with a bag of cash as a token of appreciation.

Audrey and Nick Flying Over Athens in a Helicopter

Do they live happily ever after? Er, not quite. The film concludes with Audrey and Nick flying over Athens in a helicopter piloted by the same man who piloted the helicopter earlier. He demands the money, seizes it, and then leaps from the window, leaving the mystery-solving couple high and dry.

What impact does this have on their future? Could this be a setup for a third film? Who is the pilot of the helicopter? We have questions!

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Murder Mystery 2 Plot

After successfully solving the case in the first film, Nick (Sandler) and Audrey (Aniston) Spitz are now working as private investigators full-time.

Sadly, business is not exactly thriving. So, when they receive an invitation to the lavish destination wedding of an old friend, the Maharajah (Adeel Akhtar)  with all expenses covered they decide they could use a vacation.

Especially one that’s free. An eccentric European pilot, portrayed by Carlos Ponce, transports them by private helicopter to the Maharajah’s private island.

Unfortunately, the wedding is abruptly derailed when the Maharajah is abducted by unknown assailants. Nick witnesses the abduction of his friend, but he does not see the kidnapper’s face.

The Spitzes are once again on the case. The suspects consist of the Maharajah’s ex-wife (Jodie Turner-Smith), his bride (Mélanie Laurent), his business partner (Enrique Arce), his sister (Kuhoo Verma), and Colonel Ulenga (John Kani, reprising his role from the first movie). Conner Miller (Mark Strong), a SAS mercenary who authored a detective how-to book that Audrey adores, is hired to retrieve the Maharajah. After the kidnapper calls and demands to speak to Nick, Miller reluctantly agrees to work with the Spitz family.

The kidnapper requests $70 million and requests a meeting at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The Spitzes arrive with the cash, but the transaction goes awry. Conner Miller and Maharajah’s ex-wife were both after the ransom money, it is revealed following a series of escalating complications.

 Conner Miller is killed in a fiery helicopter crash into the Seine River after a tense confrontation on the Eiffel Tower. 

(The ex died earlier in the film when it was revealed that her servant had betrayed her three times) But wait! Neither the ex nor Conner is responsible for the kidnapping of the Maharaja! They were simply attempting to profit from the ransom. Who then was behind those phone calls with distorted voices?

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