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Moving Season 2 Release Date: Where To Watch The First Season Of It?

When it comes to myths and the supernatural, Korean dramas always have something new to give.

Moving is the newest Korean drama. It’s a magical science fiction drama with action, romance, and fantasy, so it’s a full drama.

Kim Bong Seok, Jang Hui Soo, and Lee Gang Hoo are three students who are at the center of the story. Even though they look normal, they have abilities that they got from their parents. Their parents have to keep them from being used by a group.

The play is based on Kang Pool’s webcomic Moving. Since it was a Korean original show, it got the most views on Disney+ and Hulu. To learn more about the next season of Moving, keep reading the story.

Moving Season 2 Release Date

The Disney+ network has not yet said anything about Season 2 of Moving. Moving Season 1 has 20 episodes, 17 of which have already been aired. Next week, the rest of the shows should come out.

Fans are already looking forward to a second season, though. They are waiting for all of season 1’s shows to come out. They might not say anything about season 2 until they see how the first season did with reviews, viewers, and numbers.

Moving Season 2 Release Date

Cliffhangers are a big part of the season, which is what keeps people interested. That being said, fans can look forward to season 2 of one of the most popular original Korean shows coming out around 2024.

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What Will Happen In Moving Season 2?

Moving season 1 has already made fans look forward to season 2. There have been no hints from Disney+ about season 2.

But there is always a chance. If there is a second season, we will learn more about the kids’ superpowers and how they came to be. We can study the past of the leaders.

People who are fans might be looking forward to finding out who did the killings. Along with that, there may be more characters or bad guys in season 2, putting the kids and their families in more danger.

There may be new romantic ties and growth in the old ones. Some of the students might learn more about their abilities and how to use them. It is likely that Season 2 will have the same number of cliffhangers and excitement as Season 1.

Everything above is just a guess. Fans have to wait until season 2 comes out to find out what really happens.

Who Will Be In Season 2 Of Moving?

Some famous and skilled players are in this show, such as

Cast Character
Kim Seong-gyoon Lee Jaeman
Han Hyo-joo Lee Mi-hyeon
Anzu Lawson Lee Mi-Yeon
Zo In-sung Kim Doo-shik
Seung-ryong Ryu Jang Joo-won
Daniel C Kennedy Mark
Aria Song Seo Yu-ra
Foster Burden Iowa Captain

What Did Happen At The End Of The First Season Of Moving?

There is still one more episode of Season 1 to go. So far, only 17 of the 20 shows have been made public. Because of this, it’s hard for us to guess how the season will end.

At the end of the previous episode, episode 17, the fight between superpowered people from North and South Korea starts. When Bong Seok and Hui Soo meet a North Korean spy, the agent joins the fight.

When Bong Seok hears strange noises outside, he runs inside right away to save Hui Soo. To stay alive, they fight the North Korean spy. North Korean spies, on the other hand, break into Il-hwan’s room.

Moving Season 1 recap

It is their wish that he hand over all the files that have details about the kids having skills. Ju Won was also there, and they began fighting the North Koreans. Il-hwan leaves to save a child, and Ju Won gets badly beat up. Mi Hyun comes to his aid and saves him.

The super beings from North Korea are after the super kids from South Korea. One of them is trying to attack Gang Hoon while he is on the phone with his mother. The mother figures out what’s wrong and tells her husband. They both went to save their son.

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Where To Watch Moving?

On August 9, 2023, Season 1 of Moving made its official debut on the Disney+ network. There have been 17 episodes of the show so far.

Moving episodes 16 and 17 will come out at the same time on September 13. Twenty episodes are planned for the show as a whole. The show will also likely have a second season on the Disney+ network.

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