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Moonraker Filming Locations: Check It Out Here!

Moonraker is the eleventh James Bond film, released in 1979 and starring Roger Moore as the legendary British secret agent. Bond attempts to prevent Hugo Drax from using a space shuttle to wipe out humankind and establish a new world order in the film’s thrilling plot.

Nevertheless, Moonraker is also well-known for its breathtaking filming locations, which include some of the most gorgeous locations in California, Brazil, and France.

This article will examine some of the most important filming locations for Moonraker and explain why they are such popular tourist destinations.

Moonraker Filming Locations:

California – USA

California, a state known for its magnificent beaches, rugged mountains, and breathtaking natural scenery, is the first Moonraker filming location that we will investigate.

The opening sequence of the film, which depicts James Bond being pursued by a helicopter, was filmed on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, a scenic location south of Los Angeles.

Moonraker Filming Locations

The peninsula’s cliffs, caverns, and rocky outcroppings provided the ideal setting for James Bond’s daring escape.

The Chateau Marmont, a renowned hotel located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, is a significant location for filming in California.

The hotel appears in the film as the location of Bond’s CIA briefing, as well as the first time Bond encounters Dr Holly Goodhead. The Chateau Marmont is renowned for its celebrity clientele and opulent ambience and has been featured in numerous films and television programs throughout the years.

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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

The next Moonraker filming location we will investigate is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one of the world’s most famous capitals. Bond travels to Rio to investigate Drax’s covert operations, making Rio a prominent location in the film.

One of the most famous sequences in the film takes place atop Sugarloaf Mountain, a 396-meter-high granite peak that towers over the harbour. Bond and Goodhead are seen taking a cable car to the summit of the mountain, where they engage in a tense battle with Drax’s henchmen and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

Moonraker Filming Locations

Drax’s covert base is located on the Amazon River, another crucial Rio location. Although the film depicts the Amazon as a dense jungle teeming with deadly animals, the actual filming location was the Parana River in southern Brazil.

The Parana River is a popular destination for adventurers and nature enthusiasts due to its spectacular waterfalls and picturesque landscapes.

Paris – France

The final Moonraker location we will investigate is Paris, the metropolis of lights and love. Several significant sequences in the film take place in Paris, including James Bond’s pursuit of the villainous assassin Jaws through the city’s streets.

Bond and Goodhead are seen fighting Jaws and his subordinates in a cable car atop the Eiffel Tower, which is one of the film’s most memorable settings. The scene features a breathtaking view of the city as well as several exciting action sequences.

Moonraker Filming Locations

The Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, a magnificent 17th-century palace located just outside the city, is another important site in Paris.

The palace serves as Drax’s headquarters in the film, as well as the location where Bond and Goodhead are held captive. The Chateau is renowned for its beautiful gardens and grand architecture and has appeared in numerous films and television programs over the years.


Moonraker is a classic James Bond film that is renowned for its thrilling action scenes, cunning plot twists, and breathtaking filming locations. From the rugged cliffs of California to the lush jungles of Brazil and the romantic streets of Paris, the film takes us on a journey around the globe, displaying some of the world’s most beautiful and iconic locations.

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