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Moonlight Released “GOSSIP,” A Single Featuring Tom Morello

“GOSSIP” is the name of the new single that Mneskin have released, and it features Tom Morello.

The track was made available for purchase on January 13, 2023, and it is anticipated that it will be included on the third album by the Italian rock band “RUSH!,” which will be made available for purchase exactly one week later, on January 20.

Rage Against the Machine’s main singer and guitarist Tom Morello is featured on “GOSSIP,” and an image of the band member posing with Morello and with whom “GOSSIP” was released today can be found on Twitter (December 15).

As of the time of this writing, Mneskin has not yet made public a list of the songs that will be on “RUSH!” Other tracks that were released this year and could be included on the album are “The Loneliest,” “Supermodel,” and “If I Can Dream.” The latter of these songs was featured on the soundtrack of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic.

In spite of the fact that it is not known what “GOSSIP” would sound like, the band has claimed that Radiohead was a major influence on the album as a whole.

During a recent In Conversation video discussion with NME, the band discussed the ways in which they were inspired by the original band while writing and recording “RUSH!”

Damiano David, the band’s leader, stated, in reference to their single “The Loneliest” that they released in 2022, “People know our aesthetic; now we have to show the inside.”

Victoria De Angelis, who plays the bass, chimes in with the following comment: “It’s a new side for our new audience, but we’ve always done ballads.” Since this has always been a significant component of our music, we made an effort to explore the sound in a more exploratory manner with this. We listened to Radiohead quite a bit, and they use pedals quite a bit in their music.

David went on to say more about the Radiohead impact that has been passed down to them, saying, “I think the motivation we took from Radiohead was to focus on building a really unique world for each song.”

“It’s something that they do exceptionally well, therefore we worked hard to make the environment seem absolutely incredible. They truly conjure up a vision of what you’re listening to, which served as a source of motivation for us.

Iggy Pop, for his part, has lauded Moneskin following his recent collaboration with Italian rock provocateurs in the song “I Wanna Be Your Slave.”

Before it was remade with Pop vocals, the song’s initial rendition was featured on the second studio album by the Italian band “Teatro d’ira: Vol. I.” This version of the song had previously reached the top ten of the official UK singles list. Recently, in an interview that was featured on the cover of NME Big Read, Pop praised the band after having collaborated with them.

He made the comment, “This is a pretty powerful band. Victoria de Angelis is incredibly good at this position and doesn’t overdo it; nonetheless, on stage and in their videos she really remains with the message; wow, she’s a firecracker. Damiano David is an incredible singer and bassist.

“The guitarist, Thomas Raggi, is both smooth and forceful, falling between between Joe Perry and Eric Johnson. He plays rock, but I think he recognises that there is a bigger range of people who have heard dance music, techno, and synthetic music, so he also plays very simple four-four rhythms. The drummer, [Ethan Torchio], is really smart; he plays rock.

Maneskin, who rose to prominence after being crowned the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, is scheduled to perform at The O2 in London on May 8, 2023. (tickets can be found here). The concert will take place during the artist’s extensive tour across Europe, which will get underway in February.

Late October until the middle of December 2022 is going to be occupied by a musical tour throughout the continent of North America (tickets can be found here). Here you will be able to view the complete live route of Mneskin.

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