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Is It Really Happening? Migration 2 Movie Release Date, Check Out All The Related Details

Migration 2 Movie Release Date: The animation studio Illumination has a history of making fun movies that people love.

They are well-known for making the Minions series, which has many sequels and spin-offs. They just came out with another cartoon movie called Migration, which both kids and adults loved.

The movie has done well at the box office so far, but happy moviegoers want to know if there are plans for a second part. It’s already being searched for news about whether Illumination has begun working on Migration Part 2 or not.

We will talk about all the information we have about when Migration Part 2 will come out, including some small spoilers.

When Will Migration Part 2 Be Out?

A lot of follow-ups and spin-offs have been made by Illumination for their Minions brand. Taking this into account, Mallard might get a part 2 in the future as well, but there is no news about that right now.

Fans really liked the movie because it had a good message and cute images. That’s why they want to see the Mallard family again in a second part.

Migration 2 Release Date

We can expect the second part to come out sometime after 2025 since making cartoon movies takes a long time. That being said, it all depends on Illumination and whether they say the movie will have a sequel or not.

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The Plot Of Migration Part 2: What Could It Be About?

Moosehead Pond is in New England, and the story of Migration takes place there. Mack always says no when his kids want to go outside and see the world, which his wife doesn’t really like.

Mack’s family comes across some ducks on their way to Jamaica one day. The family finds this very interesting, but Mack is not as interested as usual. His wife Pam tells him that he can’t always deny that the outside world exists.

Later that night, Mack talks to Uncle Dan about the idea of leaving the pond behind. He says he doesn’t want to leave the place. Mack’s uncle Dan persuades him to move with his family, but they end up going north when they meant to go south.

The Mallard family decides to stay safe under a boardwalk during a storm. That’s where they meet Erin, who invites them to her shack.

They stay safe because the herons earn their trust. The next day, the Mallards get to New York, where Uncle Dan takes a short walk. When he puts the Mallard ducks’ lives in danger with pigeons, his strolling turns dangerous.

Pam, on the other hand, helps the family get along with Chump, the pigeon boss. Chump needs their help to free her friend Delroy who is locked up in a chef’s cage.

Mack and Pam sneak into the restaurant without being seen and save Delroy. Delroy then helps them get to Jamaica. Mack finds heaven, but Dax quickly learns that it’s just a duck farm.

After that, Dax helps the Mallards get away, but the cook steps on him and causes him to lose his feathers. Later, the cook finds the birds and nets them, but doesn’t catch Dax or Gwen.

Migration 2 Release Date

The cook wants to kill Mack and Pam, but Mack makes Pam feel better. They get away from the cook and to safety with Uncle Dan’s help. Mack and Dax make up later after Dax fixes his wings to save his parents.

Soon, the family gets to Jamaica, and that’s where Delroy and the Mallards finally meet. The family is about to leave for home when they learn that penguins want to visit the South Pole.

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Who Will Be In Part 2 Of Migration?

Character Voiced by
Mack Kumail Nanjiani
Gwen Tresi Gazal
Pam Elizabeth Banks
Dax Caspar Jennings
Kim Isabela Merced
Uncle Dan Danny Merced
Erin Carol Kane
Chump Awkwafina


Animation studio Illumination is set to release a sequel to their popular animated film, Migration. The sequel, set in New England, follows the Mallard family as they navigate the dangers of a duck farm and their journey to Jamaica.

The plot revolves around Mack, who is hesitant to leave the pond, and his wife Pam, who helps them escape. The movie is expected to be released after 2025, and fans are eagerly awaiting news on the release date.

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