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Microsoft Introduces New Feature

“Copy and Paste” is probably one of the most frequently used functions of the word processing program Word. Now Microsoft introduces a key combination that should make it easier for users to copy and paste text and to enjoy roulette online.

Pasting copied text into a Word document often causes layout problems. The program automatically adopts the layout of the source. For example, the formatting may change unintentionally, or different fonts or new colors may appear in the text. The American software company now enables users to insert plain text into their documents with the keyboard shortcut Shift+Ctrl+V (Cmd+Shift+V for Mac). This eliminates the need for subsequent formatting, Microsoft said in a blog post.

Currently, pasting text into a Word document requires two steps. Users paste a section of text into their document using a mouse or keyboard shortcut. Then, if they want to adjust the layout, they must subsequently remove and adjust the formatting of the copied text – for example, by calling up the “Paste Options” and selecting an appropriate formatting there.

Other programs, such as Microsoft Teams, have long since found a solution for this awkward way: With the key combination Shift+Ctrl+V (Cmd+Shift+V for Mac), it was already possible here to copy pure text information. This then automatically adapts the formatting of the respective document. However, this feature has not worked for Microsoft Word until now – which always leads to frustration, especially among professional users, as Ali Forelli, product manager at Microsoft, admits: “Users expect Shift+Ctrl+V to paste plain text, and when that doesn’t work, it can be frustrating.”


Nearly 40 years after the word processing program was launched, the developer:s are now responding to this problem and plan to introduce this feature for Word as well. In the future, anyone working on a document will be able to use the combination Shift+Ctrl+V (Cmd+Shift+V for Mac) to insert simple text without any further layout work.

Forelli explains the fact that this has taken so long with the necessity of constantly developing Word further. While the development team continues to work on new features to improve the user experience with updated and more advanced technology, we don’t always have the ability to change existing behavior.


The new feature will be enabled in Word from Windows version 16.0.15831.20174, and on the Mac from version 16.67.1113.0. However, Microsoft apparently plans not to make the function immediately available to all users. Instead, a selected group of customers – Microsoft calls them “Insiders” – will be able to use and test the function. Only then will the key combination gradually be made available to other customers. The company did not specify a date when all Word users will finally be able to access the new key combination.


Basically, everything that has to do with the digital world counts as computer skills. This includes the use of various operating systems, programs (software), computer networks and the Internet. Computer skills therefore include Microsoft Office skills as well as HTML or JavaScript skills and the use of Linux, databases, graphics programs or tools for data traffic analysis. In other words, all the IT solutions you know how to use are part of your computer skills.

SEO and SEM are also part of it, although it may not seem so at first glance. However, keywords, advertising and info texts are optimized precisely for the purpose of arousing digital interest in a company. Furthermore, if you are tech-savvy and have practice repairing or optimizing PCs and peripherals, you should include this in your resume as well. However, these skills are more likely to fall under the “Other knowledge/skills” section.

Nowadays, IT is part of everyday business life. Both large international corporations and the baker around the corner use computers and the Internet to conduct their daily business more quickly and easily, or even make this possible in the first place. Online stores, for example, could not exist without an IT infrastructure. There are hardly any industries that can manage completely without computers. But even the best IT infrastructure alone is not enough, because people are always needed who also know how to use this infrastructure. Therefore, your computer skills play a major role in your CV.

Not only large companies are often looking for candidates who have the appropriate computer skills. The more versatile your skills are, the higher the chances of a successful application. This is not only true for the IT industry, but IT skills are also necessary in professions that at first glance have nothing to do with this topic. Even if you think that your computer skills do not fit a certain job profile, include them in your resume anyway, because they could prove to be a decisive advantage over your competitors.



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