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Why Did Michael Weatherly Leave NCIS?

Michael Weatherly’s departure from NCIS has surprised many fans of the show so far. Why did Michael leave the show and leave NCIS? How did his character’s story end on the show, and will he ever show up again?

Michael Weatherly is an American actor, musician, producer, and director. He is best known for playing Anthony Tony DiNozzo on the TV show NCIS.

Well, there are some people who don’t know much about NCIS. It’s a police procedural and crime drama TV show that follows a team of special agents from the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps as they investigate crimes around town.

In the show, the characters are involved in a lot of intense criminal investigations. They use their skills to solve a wide range of cases, most of which involve murder or terrorism.

Because of this, the show is best known for its drama, thriller, and scary parts. So, the series is the one that has been on for the longest time and is also the most popular. It started in 2003 and is the biggest American series of all time.

So, this article will tell you the most important facts and give you a brief explanation of why the actor Michael left the show and what he is working on now.

Why Did Michael Weatherly leave NCIS?

Michael Weatherly left the NCIS series, which made a lot of fans sad. After playing the most popular character, Tony DiNozzo, Weatherly said goodbye to his fans and left NCIS.

Well, Michael Weatherly is leaving the NCIS show for the same reason that most Hollywood actors leave a show after playing the same character for too long.

When asked, the actor confirmed in interviews with major media outlets that the main reason he left the show was to try something different in other Hollywood projects.

So, both the actor and the producer of the show agreed that he should leave after the actor said he wanted to try something new and look into other opportunities.

So, the actor left NCIS after 13 seasons because he was tired of it and wanted to try something new. The actor also said that now was the right time for him to leave and try on different roles in Hollywood.

So, his leaving meant the end of his character, Tony DiNozzo, on the show, which was very sad and disappointing for fans to even think about.

How Did Michael’s Character Tony on NCIS?

Michael’s character Tony’s story ended at the end of season 13 with a two-part episode in which Ziva died and Tony found out that Ziva had given birth to their daughter. This was the last we saw of the character Tony.

Tony now cares more about his daughter, so he is ready to quit his job and take care of her. He says goodbye to his coworkers and leaves the agency.

So, the episode tells us Tony’s last story before he leaves the show. This makes the episode one of the most emotional ones in the history of NCIS.

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Will Michael Ever Make An Appearance on NCIS?

Well, it all depends on what the show’s producers want to do with the character since it was found out in the 16th season that Ziva was still alive.

But since more seasons of the show have passed, there is no official word yet on whether Michael will return to the show or not. However, the actor has said more than once that he is close with the cast and the rest of the production team.

But in the end, Tony’s status in the show depends on what the show’s directors and production staff want.

The actor also starred in the TV show Bulls after NCIS, but fans still loved how he played his character in NCIS.

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