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Michael B. Jordan Siblings: How Many Siblings Did He Have?

Michael B. Jordan Siblings: Michael B. Jordan is without a doubt a famous actor and director. Jordan started out as an actor in 1999 with roles in The Sopranos and Cosby. But it was his great work in Black Panther, Creed, and Fruitvale Station that really made him famous.

He’s changed because of these movies, no question about it. Michael B. Jordan has talked about his family many times, even though he is known for his wide range of playing and modeling roles. This is why Michael B. Jordan fans want to know about his brothers. What number of siblings did Michael B. Jordan have? Do you know how he gets along with his siblings?

Well, people keep having a few questions. But do you know why they’re interested in Michael B. Jordan’s siblings? Jordan’s performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was the start of it all. He told them that buying a house for his family had been his dream for a long time.

That’s what Michael B. Jordan finally did in 2016 when he bought a house in Sherman Oaks, California. He even stayed with them for two years. But it was surprising when he talked about his relationship with his brothers on that show. Then let’s look at how they are together.

Michael B. Jordan Siblings: How Many Siblings Did He Have?

There’s no question that Michael B. Jordan fans are interested in his siblings. This is because different stories say the actor has several siblings who aren’t close. Even though it’s not true, the stories started when some people got Michael B. Jordan and Michael Jordan (the famous NBA player) mixed up.

There is some talk that Michael Bakari Jordan was born on February 9, 1987, to Michael A. Jordan and Donna Jordan. Besides, he has nothing to do with the famous MJ.

Michael B. Jordan Siblings

But the actor was also really into basketball. In fact, he played basketball at Newark Arts High School when he was in high school. Even though neither of Michael’s parents worked in show business, his mother pushed him to become a model.

Among other places, he posed as a child for Toys “R” Us and Modell’s Sporting Goods. Later, though, he turned his attention to acting. Did you know that it not only helped the star but also his siblings? How? Let’s look for it!

Jamila Jordan-Theus

Jamila is Michael A. and Donna’s oldest child. Not much is known about Michael B. Jordan’s oldest sister, but her LinkedIn page makes it look like she works in show business too. Jamila made it to Hollywood even though she didn’t come from there. She is known for being an actor, creative director, and film producer.

She used to be in charge of movies at Genius Entertainment. Besides this, Michael’s sister has also worked for a number of large companies. She worked at Sirens Media as the Director of Development, SpringHill Entertainment as a Story Producer, and Boardwalk Pictures as the Director of Development.

Besides this, Jamila Jordan has also worked at Endemol Shine Group as a growth consultant. Did you know that she got an Emmy for being an Outstanding Producer? So, it’s clear that Michael B. Jordan’s brothers are just as talented as he is.

When it comes to her schooling, Jamila Jordan graduated from Temple University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in broadcasting. Without a doubt, her schooling helped her get ahead in the Hollywood business.

Because of her skills, she helped start Outlier Society Productions with another person. This is a well-known Hollywood production company.

Khalid Jordan

As the youngest of Michael B. Jordan’s siblings, Khalid was born on October 9, 1992. He is the youngest brother of a famous person, and he is also known for being very active. Khalid liked football more than Michael did and wanted to be a football player after college.

Michael B. Jordan Siblings

It’s true that Khalid was an athlete in college. He wrote a history book after becoming the first art student at his high school to get a full sports scholarship to Howard University. The scholarship helped him make plans for the future.

After that, Khalid played football for Malcolm X. Shabazz High School. But in the end, Michael B. Jordan’s youngest brother chose to follow in his brother’s footsteps. He got jobs as an intern at BET and Sesame Workshop after he graduated.

Besides that, he had done jobs at other Viacom groups. Everything he went through made him a better person. According to the source, Khalid now works in show business.

He was in charge of things at the Macro Television Studios. Apparently, Khalid and Ahmadou Seck were hired to help shape the studio, and the name is known all over the world.

The studio grew its range with their help. Its main goal was to grow the scripted area and plan the debut of reality, unscripted, and podcast shows.

Khalid used to work at Warner Horizon as an executive in charge of creative development. Later, Michael B. Jordan’s younger brother or sister worked as a manager at Mass Appeal. One of the sources said that he had also worked for Endeavor.

Michael B. Jordan Said He Is Proud Of His Sister

The Michael B. Jordan Siblings are still in the background, but their journey is just as amazing as his. His sister Jamila Jordan’s movie Fantasy Football came out last year. People in the crowd had mixed feelings about it, but Michael said he was proud of his sister.

The star told ET Online that he was excited to see how well the movie did on Paramount Plus while the movie was being shown. It was Jamila’s first time working as a manager in Hollywood.

Many people were moved by the story and the actors’ performances, but some thought it was put together in a sloppy way. Michael B. Jordan told her he was proud of her no matter what and urged her to come back with such a strong showing.

At the same time, the other actors talked about what it was like to work on the movie. Martin, who played Callie, said she had always wanted to be in a movie about a father and daughter, and she finally got the chance. Omari Hardwick also said that the movie was beautiful.

What Kind of Relationship Does Michael B. Jordan Have With His Family?

The family is still close, even though they don’t post as many shots on social media. Jordans really are very close to each other. Like a close-knit group, Michael loves spending time with them and his family. They even take trips together.

Michael even enjoys spending time with Khalid, his younger brother. They are pretty close, and they used to enjoy talking about how they play sports. So, it’s pretty clear that he and Michael B. Jordan’s Siblings see each other often and are happy for everyone’s success.


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