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Model Mia Amber Davis Death

Mia Amber Davis, the voluptuous model turned actress who seduced the character played by DJ Qualls in the hit comedy from the year 2000, passed away on Tuesday, just one day after undergoing knee surgery in Los Angeles that appeared to be ordinary, according to her agent who spoke to E! News.

A day after undergoing routine knee surgery, the model Mia Amber Davis passed away. She is most known for her performance in the comedy film “Road Trip,” which was released in the year 2000. Her age was 36. On Wednesday, the news was posted on the blog of Plus Model Magazine, where Davis previously served in the capacity of the editor.

Mia Amber Davis Death

She was only 36 years old. On Tuesday, the information was initially shared on the Plus Model magazine’s official Facebook page.

“Mia Amber, a close friend of ours as well as a plus-size model, passed suddenly a few moments ago, and it is with a heavy heart that we can now confirm her passing. We are unable to provide additional specifics at this time; however, we ask that you send your thoughts and prayers to the family, particularly the mother and her husband. This link will take you to her fan page: Mia Amber Davis Fan Page This terrible event has left us in a state of profound grief “Please read the declaration.

According to her agency, the cause of death was due to complications following her knee surgery. This information was provided to E! News. This week, an autopsy is scheduled to take place. There was a delay in getting a response from the coroner’s office in Los Angeles when they were called.

Her husband, Michael Yard

Her husband, Michael Yard, revealed to TMZ that Davis underwent the treatment to fix a condition that was the result of an accident she sustained while playing college basketball.

Mia Amber Davis Death
Yard, who was in New York at the time of her passing, reported that he had spoken with Davis early on Tuesday and that she appeared to be OK and in high spirits. Yard was in New York when she passed away. However, a few hours later, he found out via her cousin that she had started feeling dizzy and had to be brought to the hospital because of it. She passed away not long after that.

Confusion in the Fashion Industry

Davis’s untimely and unexplained passing at the age of 36 shook not only her family, which included her husband Michael Yard, but also the fashion business, where she was a highly regarded and influential plus-size model residing in New York. She also had a career as an actor, and one of her roles was in the film Road Trip.

Madeline Jones, the editor of PLUS Model Magazine, expressed how devastated her team was by the news. “It seems as if our entire universe has come crashing down. And the industry catering to people of a larger size will never be the same again. She was such a strong supporter of ladies who wore larger sizes. She was perfectly made up from head to toe, with not a stray hair out of place wherever she walked. She had healthy self-esteem. She was happy with how she looked and how she felt.

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It has not been determined what caused the death. According to Davis’s cousin Mignon Moore, who teaches sociology at UCLA, the findings of an autopsy are not yet available, and allegations that a blood clot was to blame for Davis’s death are “just guesswork.”

Mia Amber’s Family

In a statement that was distributed by Moore, a member of Mia Amber’s family was quoted saying, “We are crushed and devastated by the abruptness and untimely loss of Mia Amber.” “She was an inspiration to individuals of all different skin tones, body types, and sizes. She was a shining example for others to follow their aspirations, and she never stopped encouraging others to do so.

In the film Road Trip, which was released in 2000, an overweight version of Davis portrayed a hilarious love scene with a much thinner version of D.J. Qualls.

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After that, she decided that she wanted to make a better life for herself by leading a healthier lifestyle and pursuing a career in modelling, so she challenged herself to lose 150 pounds. In an article published in Plus Model Magazine in 2009, she explained that her goal was “to make a better life for me by pursuing a modelling career.”


According to what she wrote, the first one hundred pounds “came off very rapidly.”

Mia Amber Davis Death

She was first concerned about the next 50 years, but then she discovered that she could find success and joy working as a plus-size model. However, she had to make an effort to maintain the same weight throughout her career.

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She said, “I’m in a state where I want more from my career and my life,” just before beginning a new fitness routine to get rid of the weight that she had gained back. “I want to realise all that I am capable of.”

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