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Melyssa Ford Dating History: Everything We Know!

Want to know who Melyssa Ford has been in the past? Yes, we’re talking about the actress from “Love for Sale” who is in the news because she used to date Flo Rida. He had won an $82 million lawsuit against her. Putting that aside for now, Melyssa’s fans are talking about her past relationships these days. Who has she been with before?

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Melyssa Ford

When people talk about how popular Melyssa Ford is, they usually mention that she played Katherine in Love for Sale. Did you watch Blood, Sweat & Heels? It’s really cool. Turn It Up, The Black Poker Stars Invitational, Days of Wrath, and other great books are by her. You might not have known that Melyssa did the voice of Platinum in the video game Def Jam Icon.

When it comes to Melyssa Ford’s past relationships, she dated a number of well-known men in the business. Some of them were well-known and caused enough trouble online.

On the other hand, the rest were not as exciting. Flo Rida, Bryan Michael Cox, and other names were on the list. Here’s what we know about who Melyssa Ford has dated in the past.

Melyssa Ford’s Dating History:

Tyrese Gibson

When people talk about who Melyssa Ford has dated in the past, Tyrese Gibson is on the list. Who is he, though? If you’re wondering, Tyrese is a very talented actor who is best known for his roles in Fast & Furious and Transformers, but he has also done other things.

We even saw him in the Spider-Man spinoff Morbius, which came out in 2019. Besides this, he has great music skills and keeps putting out new songs. You should listen to his songs, like Sweet Lady, Lately, Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me, The Best Man I Can Be, etc.

Well, Melyssa Ford and Tyrese Gibson went out in 2007. Their relationship didn’t last very long. It ended after only a few months and in the same year. Because they both kept it quiet, not much is known.


Where is Drake? You did read that correctly. As was said, Melyssa Ford and Drake were also an item. Even though they broke up, their relationship was a big deal on the internet.

She gushed about her ex-boyfriend, a rapper, calling him “cerebral” and “smart.” They didn’t use words to talk to each other. No matter how Melyssa talked about Drake, it was clear that she loved him.

Melyssa Ford’s Dating History

Flo Rida

When we talk about Melyssa Ford’s past relationships, we can’t forget about Flo Rida. If you want to know how well-known the rapper is, you should listen to Right Round, Good Feeling, Club Can’t Handle Me, High Heels, Let It Roll, and other songs by him.

Right now, Flo Rida is in the news because his six-year-old son is in the ICU. He is said to have done that after falling out of a New Jersey apartment window. We’re hoping that things will get better.

When it comes to Melyssa Ford and Flo Rida, were together from 2009 to 2011. They broke up at least three times, so their relationship was pretty on-and-off.

On this note, she said that they were “doomed” to be together. The main reason they fought was that they didn’t seem to have anything in common. One of Melyssa’s ex-boyfriends was also said to have cheated on her. Some people said it was Flo Rida. But it was never proven. We can’t say anything about that after that.

Bryan Michael Cox

Well, Bryan Michael Cox is also on Melyssa Ford’s list of past boyfriends. Bryan is known mostly for being a well-known songwriter and record producer. He has worked with artists like Usher, Toni Braxton, etc., during his career so far. He wrote songs like “Come Over,” “Pressure,” “Take Ya Home,” “Shortie Like Mine,” “You Can Get It All,” and many more.

Back to Melyssa Ford and Bryan Michael Cox’s relationship, they reportedly dated from September 2006 to February 2007. In short, it went on for about five months.

Even though they broke up, it seemed like they stayed friends. They were seen together at the Atlantic Records party that Swaggat Cecconi’s restaurant put on in 2010.

We hope the best for Melyssa Ford! We hope Melyssa is having the best time of her life right now. It’s great that things are possible.

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