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Meghan Markle’s Use of Crown Cypher is Criticized by a Royal Expert as Giving Her Prestige

Due to the widespread distribution of Meghan Markle’s handwritten letter to author Allison Yarrow, the Duchess of Sussex is once again in hot water. The character of Yarrow was featured in the ninth episode of the Archetypes podcast. Mellody Hobson and Victoria Jackson discuss whether or not they should go to “B.” In this episode, Markle talked about the difficult label and how it might trick strong women into thinking they are weak.

Immediately following the airing of the show, Yarrow uploaded a picture of a letter that Meghan Markle had written to thank her for her work. The Duchess of Sussex has been kind enough to include this note and make this kind gesture. People’s attention was, however, drawn to the monogram worn by the American actress who had previously held this role. As a cypher, Meghan Markle included the letter M with a crown on top of it at the top of the letter. Angela Levine, a royal biographer, appeared to be very upset with the former member of Force Majeure for utilising the crown cypher.

Angela Levin Doubts Meghan Markle’s Intentions

A specialist on the British royal family has expressed concern that Meghan Markle projects the image of a double-dealing persona. Since the Sussex family renounced their membership in the royal family more than two years ago, Levin is of the opinion that it is illogical for the former actress to use a crown as part of her monogram. According to the biography, Markle has expressed a desire to be private and pursue her own interests.

In light of the fact that the Duchess is no longer able to employ the crown cypher, Levin urged stringent actions from the palace. The royal expert, thinking about Markle’s goals, said that the Sussex royal is very attached to her titles since they provide her respect and fame in society. Markle is very interested in becoming the Duchess of Sussex. The fact that Meghan Markle has ties to the royal family helps her garner increased attention from people all around the world.

“If she holds a title, people will view her in a more favourable light.” I believe that it has something to do with famous individuals, wealthy people, a lot of hard work, and a lot of money. Levin came to this conclusion after having a discussion with The Sun over his actions.

This happened as a result of previous comments criticising Meghan and Harry’s “poor decisions” in regard to their departure, as well as how the couple has a negative influence on one other. The pair continues to live their lives in spite of all of the insults that have been made about them.

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