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What Is MCO Crypto? And Difference Between MCO And CRO Crypto

MCO or Monaco is a registered cryptocurrency coin, trading under the symbol of MCO on cryptocurrency exchanges. Minly crypto holders who sell MCO do so for Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). While the holders unfortunately can not sell MCO directly on crypto exchange, they can sell it on an altcoin exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum and then use crypto exchange cash out to fiat currency like Euro or Canadian Dollar. MCO tokens are used to earn rewards, the highest interest rates on cryptocurrencies, and get instant loans. 

Do you know what CRO is? Cronos (CRO) is the native token of the Cronos Chain and Chain. Cronos is the first Ethereum-compatible blockchain network built on Cosmos SDK technology. CRO tokens are supposed to allow the users to make cryptocurrency payments to as many globally available merchants as possible.

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mco crypto

The primary difference between MCO and CRO is that the MCO token is used for staking in the various mobile applications to earn rewards, to make transactions using the apps MCO Visa cards, and get fiat loans without selling tokens under lower interest rates. On the other side, the CRO token is used in the chain network of any crypto platform to settle payments between the users and merchants. You can do so by both methods; i.e., online and offline mode. 

Various applications that are used by the crypto holders, allow their users to earn interest rates on various cryptocurrencies. By investing in MCO tokens, the investors can get handsome annual interest rates of up to 18% per annum and gain airdrops each month. The users can get rewards for staking MCO tokens like 5% per annum for 500 and 8% on above 5000. 

Moreover in the scenario of CRO, the investor of CRO or we can say a CRO token holder gets various benefits from the merchants and also gets the advantage of reducing the transactional fees. It helps users and merchants to pay and receive crypto for goods and services without any fiat currencies. The users of any crypto applications chain can use the CRO tokens to block the transactions fees, and get more CRO tokens as rewards for making transactions on the network.  

Comparison Table: MCO vs CRO 

Parameters Of Comparison 



Launch Year 




MCO tokens are used to earn rewards, the highest interest rates on cryptocurrencies, and get instant loans. 

CRO tokens are used as intermediary tokens to make transactions easier between users and merchants without dealing in fiat currency. 


Upgrade visa card, get discounts on crypto investment, credit earning, etc., are the primary usage of the MCO tokens. 

Remove transactional fees and get rewards for processing and transacting on various block chains are the core usage of the CRO token. 

Lock-up of tokens 

Six months 

Twelve month (A year) 


Stake MCO tokens to get Ad-hoc airdrops and CRO airdrops 

CRO tokens are rewarded as airdrops to the customers who stake a large amount of MCO tokens. 


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A Basics Understanding Of MCO

The MCO token allows the investors or users to gain higher rewards by staking the token with lower interest rates. Ethereum ERC-20 standard is used to create it. It was available on the official crypto currency website since 2017 and got $26.7 million as ICO which means Initial CoinOffering (A concept same as IPO) out of which 10% was taken by the company, 25% is distributed to the founders, 30% constrain as reserve tokens, and 30% was sold in the crowd sale. 

Customers or users can purchase metal or platinum MCO visa cards using MCO tokens, they get 5% cashback every time they use an MCO visa card. They can also upgrade the card, by using the tokens. The first 999 customers who stake MCO tokens get a Limited Edition MCO Obsidian Black card. The cardholders get many pros like some percentage back on staking tokens, airport lounge facilities, limited withdrawals, and other rewards. 

A Basics Understanding Of CRO 

The CRO is a crypto token issued by the CRO protocol labs. Simply, the CRO is a decentralized platform where customers accept cryptocurrencies for goods and services without charging any additional merchant fees. Nowadays, customers can use digital coins or crypto currencies to pay for goods both offline and online without using any fiat currency. They also get some percentage cashback on using various block chains. The crypto customer acquires and gets fees on doing transactions. Merchants get access to high-power customers; they can reduce transaction costs and provide discounts to customers to attract them. 

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The Final Thoughts 

MCO and CRO both are the crypto tokens uses for a different purpose with a single aim to put crypto currencies in every wallet. MCO token is used for earning higher interest rates on crypto currencies and getting instant loans. However, the CRO tokens are used to earn transactional and processing fees by the company. 

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