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Mcfarlane Unveils Batman the Animated Series 4-pack Figure Set

Over the course of the New York Comic Con 2022 weekend, Walmart Con got under way, and with it came a fresh batch of exclusive memorabilia. A new DC Direct 4-Pack figure set is one of the new revelations that McFarlane Toys has prepared for the event that is unique to retailers. Things are becoming animated once more as the popular programme Batman: The Animated Series is making a comeback with an exclusive four-pack bundle.

This set offers collectors the opportunity to acquire Batman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Harvey Bullock, all of whom feature their designs as they appeared in the cartoon. Each figure in this collection has been well sculpted, and the assortment of extras that come with it is quite impressive. In order to relive these animation exploits once again, the toy comes with interchangeable hands and a variety of related accessories, such as a Joker fish, handcuffs, and a Batarang, amongst others.

This is a delightful set that fans of Batman will easily be able to appreciate, and it helps to keep this famous show relevant many years after it first aired. A total of four figures are included in the McFarlane Toys DC Direct Batman the Animated Series 4 Pack Figure collection, which costs $99.99.

The entirety of the world of Gotham will be released in December 2022, and you can place your pre-order for this Walmart Exclusive collection right now.

Mcfarlane Unveils Batman

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New Adventures Await Batman: The Animated Series

“The moment that he heard two gunshot, Bruce Wayne’s life was changed irrevocably. He took an oath to uphold his commitment to justice, which he has done for many years. He has fought heinous adversaries such as the Joker, the Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and a great number of others while going under several aliases, including the Dark Knight, the World’s Greatest Detective, and the Caped Crusader. But he knows, somewhere deep down, that he shares something with them that the vast majority of people on earth wouldn’t understand: a dedication to the struggle.”

  1. From the Emmy-winning Batman: Animated Series comes this incredibly accurate 6-inch scale 4-PACK featuring Batman, the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Harvey Bullock.
  2. Each figurine comes with a wide variety of show-themed extras and interchangeable hands.
  3. Featuring Batman: The Animated Series-themed window box packaging, these poseable action figures are perfect for playtime.
  4. Accumulate the whole set of McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Figures.

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