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Matthew Lawrence Net Worth: How Much Lawrence Does Make?

Matthew Lawrence is an American actor and singer. He is well-known for his blockbuster performances in films and television series.

Matthew rose to prominence after playing in Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, Brotherly Love, and Boy Meets World, among other films. In the mid-1980s, he rose to prominence for his role as Danny Carrington in the prime-time television serial opera Dynasty.

He began his career as a young actor and has been working since the 1980s. Matthew has established himself as a leading man in the American cinema and television industries. Matthew has appeared in over 20 films as well as numerous television and online programmes. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at Matthew Lawrence’s overall net worth, including his salary, income sources, career, biography, lifestyle, and other details.

Matthew Lawrence Net Worth

Early Life

Matthew William Lawrence entered the world on February 11th, 1980, in the township of Abington, in the state of Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. Both of his parents have worked in the service industry; his father, Joseph Lawrence Sr., is an insurance broker, while his mother, Donna Lynn, was a personal manager. His younger brother Andrew Lawrence is also an actor and singer, as is his older brother Joey Lawrence, who is a singer-songwriter, actor, and TV personality.

On his mother’s side of the family, he has English and Scottish ancestry, while his father’s side of the family is of Italian lineage. He received his education at Abington Friends School in Jenkintown and then went on to earn a degree in Biology from the University of South Carolina after completing his formal education. His birth parents originally planned to give him the surname Mignogna, but it was changed to Lawrence before he was born. As he was growing up, he was a member of the band that his buddies formed and played electric guitar.

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In the middle of the 1980s, Matthew had his debut as an actor on the television series Dynasty, which was a romantic drama. He played the part of Danny Carrington on the show. He studied acting at the HB Studio, which is located in New York City. Beginning in the early 1990s, he began his career as a child actor, appearing in a variety of parts in films and television shows, including the comedy Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) and the television series Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad (1993).
In addition, he played starring roles in the sitcom television series Brotherly Love, which featured his real-life brothers, and in Boy Meets World, in which he portrayed Jack Hunter, superseding Eric Matthews’ long-time best buddy Jason Marsden, who left the show after the completion of the second season. Brotherly Love featured his real-life brothers. Later on, during Seasons 5-7, Jack, played by Matthew, emerged as Eric’s new best friend almost immediately.

In addition, he was one of the stars of the fantasy movie Angels in the Endzone, in which he co-starred with Christopher Lloyd and portrayed the part of Jesse Harper. In the English-language dubbed version of the Disney animated film Kiki’s Delivery Service, in which he performed the voice of the main character, Tombo, he made his debut as a voice actor in a live-action film for the first time. 1998 was the year that saw the debut of this movie, in which he co-starred alongside Kirsten Dunst and Phil Hartman.

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Personal Life

In February of 2004, Matthew Lawrence began a relationship with the actress Heidi Mueller. Not long after they became engaged in July of 2004, they moved in together. But in March of 2006, the two came to the conclusion that they should go their own ways for various reasons.

In 2006, Lawrence Burke made contact with Cheryl Burke with the assistance of his brother, Joey. Cheryl is a highly accomplished dancer who formerly served as a coach on Dancing with the Stars. In 2007, when their romance was at its peak, the two had been dating for three years. On Cheryl’s birthday, May 3, 2018, Matthew made good on his promise to propose to her. In February of 2022, after the pair had been married for three years, it was revealed that they had divorce papers prepared and that they had separated.

In addition to that, Matthew had a relationship with the Australian actress Laura New in 2013, but they broke up the following year in 2015.

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Matthew Lawrence’s Net Worth

It is anticipated that Matthew Lawrence’s net worth will be close to $2 Million US by the year 2022. He is a well-known actor and singer in the American cinema industry. His career began in the 1950s. As a result of the actor’s participation in a variety of movies films, he has collected a significant sum of money. In addition to that, Lawrence brings in a significant amount of money from his work in commercials and endorsements for various brands.

Matthew Lawrence Net Worth

Additionally, he and his brother Joey are the founders of their band, and the success of the band has contributed to an increase in his net worth. Throughout the course of his career, the actor has been able to amass a significant amount of fame in many industries. The sum of $400,000 is Mattew Lawrence’s annual take-home pay.

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