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Matt Damon Should Not Regret Turning Down the Lead Role in ‘Avatar,’ According to James Cameron.

James Cameron is not sympathetic toward Matt Damon.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio, the Avatar series director smiled when asked how recently he had spoken with Damon, who stated in 2019 that he reportedly lost $250 million by rejecting down the main part — and 10 percent of the film’s revenues — in Cameron’s 2009 picture.

Cameron, 68, joked to the source that Damon, 52, is beating himself up over the money he says he lost. “And I’m sure you’re aware that ‘Matt, you’re one of the biggest movie stars in the world, get over it “

“However, he was already committed to another Bourne project, and there was nothing we could do about it,” the director remarked of the missed casting chance. Thus, he was forced to regrettably decline.

Cameron showed curiosity when asked if Damon may appear in a cameo in a future Avatar film.

Must complete the task. The director stated, “It must be done so that the world’s equilibrium can be restored.” “But he doesn’t receive 10%, f—- that.”

Damon earlier stated in a 2019 interview with British GQ that when Cameron offered him the starring part of Jake Sully in Avatar, the director vowed to hire an unknown actor if Damon declined.

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“Jim Cameron offered me the film Avatar,” Damon told the publication. “When he gave it to me, he said, “Now, listen. I don’t need anybody. I do not require a name for this actor. If you don’t accept this, I’ll locate some obscure actor and give it to him, as the film doesn’t need you. But if you accept the role, I’ll offer you 10%.'”

Matt Damon Should Not Regret Turning Down the Lead Role in 'Avatar,' According to James Cameron.

I shared this tale with John Krasinski while we were writing Promised Land. Damon continued, disclosing his friend’s response to the news. “He responds, “What?” He then stands up and begins pacing around the kitchen. He responds, “OK, OK, OK.” OK. OK… If you had completed that film, nothing in your life would have changed. Nothing would be altered in your life. Except that we would be having this conversation in space right now”

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So, yes. He stated, “I’ve left more money on the table than any other actor.”

Damon stated at the time that he regrets perhaps missing out on his one and only opportunity to work with Cameron as a result of turning down Avatar, a part that finally went to series star Sam Worthington.

“I mean, the thing that I regret the most to this day is… During our talk, Cameron mentioned that he had only produced six films. I was unaware of that, “The actor stated the situation at the time.

“He works so infrequently, but you’ve seen all of his films,” Damon continued. “So it appears as though he has earned more than he has. I knew that by saying no, I was possibly forfeiting the opportunity to work with him in the future.”

“So that sucked, and it’s still horrible,” he added, adding humorously, “My children are all eating. I’m doing OK.”

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