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Master P Net Worth: What Is Master P’s Net Worth?

Master P Robert Miller’s musical career has garnered him fame and fortune. He is also an actor, philanthropist, basketball player, record producer, and entrepreneur.

He also formed No Limit Records, which was renamed New No Limit Records with the assistance of Universal Records and Koch Records. Guitar Music Entertainment replaced No Limit Records.

The Early life of Master P 

Percy Miller, who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, received the name Master P on April 29, 1970, and he was given the name Master P. Even though New Orleans is famous for its music, it is probable that the style of music that is played there is not the type of music that he would go on to produce.

His formative years were spent at the Calliope Housing Projects in the city where he now lives. His family consisted of four children in all, including two brothers named Vyshonne and Corey who went on to become famous rap singers in the future using the aliases Silkk The Shocker and C-Murder. He was the eldest of the four children in his family. In their family of four children, he was the youngest.

Master P Net Worth

The family spent their formative years in the Calliope Projects, which are widely recognised as being among the most hazardous neighbourhoods in the city. The family moved out of the area when they were old enough to care for themselves. Following the breakup of his parents’ marriage, he divided his time equally between spending time with his mother’s family in Richmond, California, and his father’s family in New Orleans. His mother’s side of the family was originally from California, and his father’s side came from Louisiana.

As a consequence of his hard work on the basketball court while attending Booker T. Washington High School and Warren Easton High School, he was recognised as a talented player and granted a scholarship to the University of Houston so that he could continue his basketball career there. Despite this, it only lasted for a short while, and at the end of his first year of college, he made the decision to enrol in the business programme at Merrit Junior College in Oakland, California.

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Personal life of Master P 

1989 was the year that Master P tied the knot with Sonya Miller. They have a total of seven children between the two of them. Miller alleged in her petition for divorce from the rapper, which she filed in 2014, that he owned 31 properties across the country, 13 cars, and 45 profitable companies. She stated this information in her plea for divorce.

She went on to assert that according to the company’s own audit, No Limit Records was worth a total of $136 million and that Master P was personally worth a total of $350 million when his empire was at its peak. She made these claims in the context of a discussion regarding the value of No Limit Records. In exchange for her assistance, she demanded that he give her forty percent of all of his assets. In the end, the divorce was finalised in 2014, but the contents of the settlement were kept confidential.

Master P Net Worth

Master P donates his time and efforts to areas who are not receiving appropriate support through the work that he conducts with his own organisations, the P Miller Youth Centers and the P Miller Food Foundation for the Homeless. These are two of the organisations that he founded. In July of 2005, he was honoured by having the key to the city of Memphis, Tennessee, presented to him there in Memphis, Tennessee.

In the year 2007, Master P began to take an active position in the political arena and publicly encouraged people to use their right to vote. In addition, he supported the Democratic candidate for president. Master P was one of Barack Obama’s earliest supporters in his attempt for the Senate seat representing Illinois, and he continued to lend his support to Obama during his run for the presidency as well.

A certificate of special recognition was given to Master P and his son Lil’ Romeo by Congresswoman Maxine Waters in April of 2010 for their contributions in the community. The certificate was handed by Maxine Waters. At the tail end of the year 2010, the father and son duo hosted an anti-obesity event at which Michelle Obama also took part.

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Career of Master P 

It is challenging to choose just two or three of Master P’s accomplishments to mention due to the breadth and depth of his experience in so many different industries. His fortune is the product of multiple distinct streams of income, like as his profession as a rapper, his work as an entrepreneur, and even his occasional work as an actress. These pursuits have helped him amass a greater net worth than they would have otherwise.

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Even though he was still living in Oakland at the time of his grandfather’s dying, he was able to inherit the sum of $10,000 that had been left to him. He opened a record store that he called No Limit Records with the money that he had available to him. After developing an awareness of the musical tastes of his audience, he settled on the idea of transforming the shop into a record company in the year 1990.

His very first release was an extended play (EP) in 1990 titled “Mind of a Psychopath,” and it was only made available on tape format. This was distributed under the name The Real Untouchables, which is sometimes abbreviated as just TRU in some instances. Two of his brothers are currently active members of the supergroup known as The Real Untouchables. Kevin, Master P’s second brother, was murdered in New Orleans in the same year of his sibling’s death.

Master P Net Worth

What Is Master P’s Net Worth?

The American businessman, entrepreneur, and film producer Master P is known for his work in the rap music industry. It is estimated that he has a net worth of $200 million at the present time. Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, the hip-hop industry generally acknowledged Master P as one of the most successful individuals in the business overall. He remains one of the most successful businessman and rappers in the history of the entire world to this very day.

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