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The Aftermath of Mary J. Blige’s Divorce: A Look into the Messy Legal Battle!

Want to know about the divorce of Mary J. Blige? Mary J. Blige, who has been called “the soul of hip hop,” is a very well-known songwriter and actress in the music business. Blige has won as many as nine Emmy Awards, and her supporting role in Mudbound got her a nomination for an Academy Award.

Mary J. Blige was also nominated for her original song, “Mighty River.” This made her the first person to be nominated for both acting and songwriting in the same year. Over the years, the media has paid a lot of attention to Mary J. Blige’s personal life, which has included a messy divorce. Let’s learn everything we can about Mary J. Blige’s divorce.

Mary J. Blige’s Divorce: Here’s What We Know

Mary J. Blige got married to producer Kendu Isaacs in 2003. But, after 12 long years, their long marriage came to an end.

The divorce was filed in 2016, and the fallout from it went on for years and was very messy. The divorce was finally settled, but it was a hard road for the famous musician.

Later, the Hip-Hop star said that her song “Rent Money” was about when she first got divorced and had to give up all of her alimony.

She also said that she didn’t have any more money to give because her ex-husband had already spent it all. Blige also said that she had to go on tour to make money so that she could pay for the alimony.

The multiple Oscar nominee said that her finances were so tight that she didn’t even have enough money to pay for a place to live. She said that the title of the song was a metaphor for how she felt since she didn’t even have her soul.

The singer also said that her ex-husband spent almost $420,000 on “travel charges” during their marriage, some of which went to a woman with whom Isaac was supposedly having an affair.

Who is Kendu Isaac?

Kendu Isaac became well-known as a manager for famous people and a record producer. Even though Kendu married the famous singer Mary J. Blige, he has managed to stay out of the spotlight and live a low-key life.

In 2017, Mary Blige was told to pay $30,000 in alimony, which made their divorce even messier. Issacs also said that the divorce caused him so much stress and emotional pain that he had to go to the hospital.

On the other hand, Blige’s former manager said that the producer became unemployed, needed money even to pay rent, and would have been left without any money. During the breakup, however, the singer also had to go through a hard time.

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Mary J Blige and Kendu Isaacs: Here’s What We Know

The legal battle between Mary J. Blige and Isaacs quickly got a lot of attention from the media as it got messier and messier over the years.

The music producer originally asked the court for almost $130,000 a month in spousal support. The settlement was finalized when the judge gave him $30,000 a month to pay, which was more than what the singer wanted to give him.

Not only that but the judge is said to have told Mary to pay back spousal support payments from when she first asked for a divorce, as well as the huge amount of $235,000 in attorney fees.

Blige later said some shocking things, like how her ex-husband was driving a Mercedes that Mary had paid for ahead of time and how he refused to give back her Grammys and other awards she had won.

The singer of “I’m Going Down” also said that there was a time when she was the only one making money and had huge debts, which were said to be $10 million.

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