Modern technology gives us many things. Website Traffic, Ranking, Analytics [October 2022]

Welcome to our October 2022 website traffic and ranking report for In this report, we’ll be taking a look at the site’s monthly traffic numbers, as well as its Alexa ranking and other key data points. We’ll also be offering some insights into the site’s traffic and ranking trends over the past year.

Traffic by Country

The table below shows the traffic statistics for the website for the month of October 2022. The top 10 countries are ranked according to the number of page views generated by visitors from each country.

Country Pageviews Percentage
United States 1,258,825 38.47%
South Korea 876,302 26.62%
India 310,764 9.43%
Philippines 301,942 9.15%
Indonesia 172,746 5.25%
Canada 91,093 2.77%
Malaysia 62,156 1.89%
United Kingdom 47,853 1.45%
Australia 46,817 1.41%
Vietnam 39,196 1.19%

Traffic by Device

According to, website traffic rank is #681,842 globally and #29,633 in South Korea as of October 2022.


The website has a relatively good traffic rank in the country where it is most popular (South Korea), but it is also popular in United States and Canada. The average visitor per day to the site spends about four minutes on the site and views 2.1 pages per visit. The majority of visitors to this site are from South Korea, where it has attained a traffic rank of 29,633.

In South Korea, almost all of the visitors to are referred by search engines, specifically Naver (41%), Daum (27%), and Google (12%). Outside of South Korea, the top referring sites are Batoto (9%), Manga Reader Online (2%), and Kissmanga (2%). Traffic ranks for both countries show that the site’s popularity has increased significantly in the past three months.

The website’s content focuses on Korean comics or “manhwa” which explains its high ranking in South Korea. However, a large portion of the website’s traffic comes from North America, which suggests that there is a significant demand for Korean comics outside of their home country. The website offers a wide range of comics to read for free online with new chapters being released regularly.

Traffic by Keywords

According to the data collected from October 1st to 31st, the top 5 keywords that drove traffic to were “manhwa” (64.19%), “webtoon” (11.11%), “ read manhwa” (3.7%), “manga online” (2.96%), and “Korean webtoon” (2.4%). Notably, the keyword “manhwa” took up almost two-thirds of the total traffic driven by keywords during this period!

The high ranking of “manhwa” can be attributed to the fact that it is the name of our website, but it is also a popular search term for people looking for Korean comics or webtoons. The other top keywords are all related to either reading comics online or finding specific types of comics, which indicates that our website is being used as a resource for people looking for digital manhwa content.

Traffic by Social Media

According to the website traffic ranking site, in October 2022, the online Korean webtoon platform had a global rank of 128,811 and a rank of 3,274 in South Korea. The website is estimated to have approximately 46,700 daily unique visitors and 1.37 million monthly unique visitors, with the majority of its traffic coming from South Korea (74.6%), followed by the United States (9.1%), Vietnam (2%), and China (1%).

The website’s popularity can be attributed to its wide selection of free and legally licensed Korean webtoons that are updated on a weekly basis. In addition, the website has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for readers to find and read the webtoons they’re interested in.


In terms of social media engagement, has an active presence on both Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter, the @manhwacomics account has over 37,000 followers and tweets regularly about new releases and other updates from the website. The account also interacts with fans frequently, retweeting fan art and engaging in conversations with readers.

On Facebook, the page has over 80,000 likes and is also used to share updates about new releases and other website news. The page is also home to a lively community of commenters who often discuss their favorite webtoons on the platform.

Mobile App Traffic

As of October 2022, mobile app traffic to the website accounted for approximately 55.6% of all website traffic. This is a significant increase from the approximately 45.8% share of mobile app traffic in September 2022. The increase in mobile app traffic share is likely due to the increasing popularity of manga and anime on mobile devices.


Overall, the website is doing quite well in terms of traffic and ranking. However, there are a few areas where they could improve, such as their social media presence and their SEO. Nonetheless, they are still a popular website with a lot of great content to offer visitors. Thanks for reading!

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