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Mandy Harvey Net Worth: How Much Money Does Mandy Harvey Have in 2022?

On January 2nd, 1988, Amanda Lynn Harvey was born in the city of Cincinnati, which is located in the state of Ohio. Her participation in the twelfth season of “America’s Got Talent,” in which she is a singer and songwriter, has brought her the most notoriety. She is renowned for being able to sing well even though she is deaf.

How Much Money Does Mandy Harvey Have in 2022?

Mandy Harvey has consistently occupied the number one spot on the charts. It is anticipated that the singer and former TV personality will have amassed a net worth of $2 million by the year 2022.

Mandy Harvey Net Worth

The majority of which she earned during her decade-long career as a musician.

Details about Mandy Harvey’s Childhood and Adolescence

On January 2, 1988, in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, Mandy Harvey was born to her mother Amanda Lynn Harvey. She is the adorable daughter of Joe and Valerie Harvey, both of whom are employed as teachers in the public school system. When she was just two years old, her family made the journey from California to Florida.

Since she was four years old, Mandy, who has three siblings, has always had a passion for music. Because she participated in so many competitions, Longmont High School dubbed her “The Top Female Vocalist” in the year 2006.

After she turned 18, she was diagnosed with a disorder that affected her connective tissues, which caused her to have difficulty hearing for a considerable amount of time. When she was ten years old, her family relocated to Longmont, Colorado, from the Midwest. Twin Peaks Charter School was where she received her education.

She majored in singing at Colorado State University, which she attended back in 2006. After that, she had a loss of hearing, which prevented her from continuing her education at the time. After she had returned to Longmont, she enrolled in classes at a community college in the area to learn sign language.

Personal Information Regarding Mandy Harvey

A great number of individuals continue to find humour in the dating status of the singing giant. A lot of people have been curious about how they feel about each other, and it’s not only because of her performance on America’s Got Talent. The marriage between Travis and Mandy has been going strong for quite some time.

People admired how well they got along and how simple it was for them to communicate with one another, even though her husband had to learn sign language to communicate with her. On the other side, Mandy has kept her marriage to Travis a secret from everyone, which is why very little is known about the couple’s history together. Following the couple’s wedding, their lovely daughter Sarah Travis was brought into the world.

Information Regarding Mandy Harvey’s Profession

After suffering a loss of hearing, Mandy Harvey enrolled in classes at a local college to become fluent in sign language. After that, she went a whole year without singing, although she continued to play the guitar with her father. Then, on another occasion, her father and she listened to “Come Home” by One Republic, and he suggested that she record it at home. She did so, and it turned out great.

She was taken aback when she realized that she had sung it so well that it inspired her to sing once more. The following year, in 2008, she made the acquaintance of Mark Sloniker, a jazz pianist, at Jay’s Bistro in Fort Collins, and that was the turning point in her career.

Mandy Harvey Net Worth

She continued to give frequent performances even though she was unable to hear her voice. It was at the Dazzle Jazz Lounge in Denver, where she had also recorded a number of her CDs, that she gave performances. Her debut album, titled “Smile,” was met with overwhelming acclaim.

Mandy submitted her audition tape to the reality television show “American’s Got Talent,” which is a talent competition. Her performance was so impressive that it impressed not only the judges but also the audience. In reaction to this, Simon Cowell pressed the golden buzzer, which resulted in her being immediately advanced to the live shows of the competition.

Awards and Accomplishments Received by Mandy Harvey

Longmont High School recognized Mandy Harvey as “The Top Female Vocalist” in 2006 and bestowed this honour upon her with an award. She is most pleased with the fact that she was allowed to compete in the twelfth season of America’s Got Talent.


She had a lot of opportunities available to her as a result of the show. It resulted in her gaining a larger fan base. 2011 was the year that she was awarded the VSA International Soloist Award. After that, she staged a performance at the Kennedy Center.

Age, Childhood, and Family Life of Mandy Harvey

Amanda Lynn Harvey gave birth to Mandy on January 2nd, 1988 in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Her North American ancestry gives her American citizenship, yet she was born in the United States.

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When he was just two years old, his family uprooted their lives and went to Florida. Her father, Joe Harvey, was a clergyman, and her mother, Valerie Harvey, was a public school teacher. They were blessed with four children, and Mandy is one of them. She began singing when she was just four years old.

The Measurements of Mandy Harvey’s Body

Mandy has blue eyes and hair that is a light brown colour. In addition, there is no information regarding her body measures such as height, weight, or any of those other things.

Social Media Profile

On Facebook, he has more than 364.4 thousand fans, on Instagram he has more than 148 thousand followers, and on Twitter

Mandy Harvey Net Worth

He has more than 49.1 thousand followers.


Mandy Harvey, a jazz vocalist from the United States, is 34 years old. She rose to notoriety after participating in the twelfth season of America’s Got Talent and delivering a performance there. She gave performances of songs that she had written throughout the talent event. At the age of 18, Harvey experienced a loss of her capacity to hear. As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Mandy Harvey will have a net worth of $2 million.

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