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Manchester United is Thinking of Renting the Atletico Madrid Striker, According to Joao Felix.

It has been claimed that Manchester United are considering making an offer to acquire Joao Felix from Atletico Madrid.

The group captained by Eric Ten Hag is seeking for someone to step in for Cristiano Ronaldo right now.

The acrimonious conversation that Ronaldo had with Piers Morgan led to the decision to not renew Ronaldo’s contract with United. At this point in time, the squad does not have a striker, and as a result, it scores very few goals.

An earlier discussion brought up the name Felix, and it was agreed that it has a lot of appeal, particularly among aficionados.

The Portuguese player is one of the game’s most promising up-and-coming strikers and has the ability to change the course of a match all by himself.

His high-profile transfer to Atletico Madrid was a mistake, but the club in Madrid was able to see flashes of his extraordinary skill.

Duncan Castles claims that the Spanish powerhouses want to cut their spending and offer the Premier League team the player on loan in order to save money.

It has been reported that Arsenal are considering signing Felix to replace the injured Gabriel Jesus in their lineup.

Atletico proposed a short-term loan agreement that included a commission of eight million dollars and a complete income for the borrower.

Let’s see if Manchester United will give in to Atletico’s demands, which might result in a rather pricey deal in just six months’ time.

According to the reports, Atletico did not include the potential of a buyout in the agreement for the deal.

It is possible that United will look into other possibilities, such as Kodi Gakpo, who, given his recent growth, would be an excellent choice.

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