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Make My Day Ending Explained: What’s Jim’s Plan for the Swarm?

Make My Day Ending Explained: The latest anime series to premiere on Netflix was Make My Day on February 2, 2023. Yasuo Ohtagaki, a well-known manga artist who has previously created Moonlight Mile and Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt, is the show’s creator.

The series is directed by Makoto Honda, and Taiwanese 3D CG studio 5 Inc. is responsible for character designs and animation. Kensuke Ushio is responsible for the music.

Masaomi Yamahashi is Jin, Ayahi Takagaki is Marie, Kazuhiro Yamaji is Walter, Akio Ohtsuka is Commander Bank, Atsuko Tanaka is Cathy Besk, Bill Rogers is Professor William Boyd, Ryan Collier Levy is Robert Howard, and Sarah Anne Williams is Sarah, among others. Each episode of the television program lasts approximately twenty-five minutes.

Make My Day Ending Explained

The last ship was scheduled to depart the planet at midnight, and Jim and the other inhabitants worked diligently to ensure their survival. While they waited for the rescue teams to arrive, cameras captured some strange behavior. The guards inspected the site where a ship had made an emergency landing.

Upon arrival, they discovered that it was Commander Bark and an unknown female companion. They identified the woman as Cathy Beck, who made all of the on-screen announcements at White Prison. Apparently, the ship was attacked by the Swarms it was transporting along with the survivors, and they believe the Sig awoke them.

They were afflicted with devastation and hopelessness when they realized that no assistance was forthcoming. However, Cathy disclosed that she had alerted facilities in the nearest star system, and assistance would arrive within 24 hours.

Make My Day Ending Explained

What’s Jim’s Plan for the Swarm?

Cathy and Bark inform them that they have contacted the neighboring star system for assistance and that they only need to use the mass driver in the Sig depot to propel their lifeboat into space.

Jim devises a plan for their escape, assigning everyone specific tasks, as a massive swarm of slumbering Swarm is located near the facility. William Boyd and Rachel form formations with Sig-filled storage containers between themselves and the horde.

Bark and Jim watch the frontline to keep the swarm at bay for as long as possible, while Walter and Casper clear the corridor so the lifeboat can be transported to the launchpad.

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What Challenges Do They Confront?

Bark, Jim, and Walter begin firing at the swarm to keep it at bay, while William devises formations for the storage containers to maximize the resistance.

When Jim goes to check on Marnie, he finds Robert holding a gun to her head. He claims that he has no interest in rescuing others and is only concerned with his own survival.

He and the other robust override Casper’s programming, but Casper fights back, and the two robo-casts engage in combat until the others arrive and seize control. They capture Robert and then board the lifeboat.

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The latest anime series to premiere on Netflix was Make My Day on February 2, 2023. Yasuo Ohtagaki, a well-known manga artist, is the show’s creator. Cathy and Bark are distraught after their ship is attacked by a massive swarm of Swarms.

They contact facilities in the nearest star system for assistance, which will arrive within 24 hours. William Boyd and Rachel form formations with storage containers between them and the swarming horde.

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