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Luno Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Luno Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may appear daunting at first, but it is simply as simple as transferring money. Crypto scams, which were once a significant source of concern for crypto consumers, are now a thing of the past, thanks to many technological breakthroughs that have made crypto trading secure and simple.

There are various crypto platforms to choose from, whether you want to purchase, sell, store, or trade crypto or if you want anonymity or privacy in your crypto banking.

What Exactly is Luno?

Luno is a digital currency exchange that provides customers with a technological platform that allows them to purchase, trade, and store digital currencies as well as pay for goods and services with a cryptocurrency wallet. The two most famous examples are Bitcoin and Ether, the latter being the digital currency used to power Ethereum.

What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

A cryptocurrency exchange platform promotes the exchange of cryptocurrencies for traditional fiat money. Corporations that work on exchange platforms arrived into being in 2009 with the launch of a decentralized cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Since then, other cryptocurrencies have been created, including the second-best one, Ether, which is used to power Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, which was created through a Bitcoin Hard Fork.

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A cryptocurrency exchange is either a physical location, similar to a bank, where traditional fiat currencies (such as the US dollar, euro, and pound sterling) are exchanged, or it is a web-based platform that allows the exchange of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The company accepts credit card payments and EFT (electronic fund transfers) in exchange for cryptocurrencies. It deposits cryptocurrencies into a client’s cryptocurrency wallet. In many cases, a prepaid gift card, from which you may withdraw cash at any ATM worldwide.

A cryptocurrency trading platform is often accessed via registering up on a website, such as Luno, installing an app from the App Store, or accessing it via Google Play.

What does Luno Offer?

Luno provides its customers with an easy and safe option to purchase and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum through the use of a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. It accepts a variety of worldwide fiat currencies, including the US dollar, euro, pound sterling, and South African rand.

Luno provides a brokerage service as well as training and consulting to help the general public grasp the complexity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The following services are included in the company’s full-service offering:

Luno cryptocurrency trading platform

The cryptocurrency trading platform is at the heart of the Luno website and it’s meant to make the electronic process of buying and selling digital currency using fiat money such as US dollars, euros, and pounds sterling as simple as possible.

As soon as your Luno account is authenticated, the trading platform generates a connected account with your bank, and you may begin trading Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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Clients with registered accounts on Luno can trade digital money with one another, and Luno receives a commission on all sales.

 Luno wallet

A Luno wallet is a software application (app) that maintains private and public cryptographic keys and interacts with blockchain technology, allowing Luno customers to purchase and sell bitcoin, store it, and track transactions.

To put it simply, if you want to purchase or sell any cryptocurrency, you must first obtain a cryptocurrency wallet. The public key saved in a Luno wallet enables payments to the wallet’s address; the private key enables bitcoin spending from that address.

Luno brokerage service

Luno’s brokerage service, as opposed to a centralized exchange, permits the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies through a dealer network. A Luno broker links vendors and buyers and matches them for a transaction. Cryptocurrency is traded or purchased at a specified exchange rate that includes a breakeven point.

For larger deals, Luno brokerage service is chosen as it provides better prices to both parties and is more flexible and convenient.

API for developers

Luno API provides developers with financial information and trading capacity in the digital currency market. This functionality allows developers to work with Bitcoin and Ethereum to access blockchain technology, which is required for tasks such as accessing current and historic cryptocurrency market data.

Learning portal

Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary decentralized digital currency that even the most tech-savvy clients find difficult to understand. You can learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies, understand the terminology surrounding Bitcoin and Ethereum, and how to trade cryptocurrencies responsibly through Luno’s learning site.

Luno Store

The Luno Store is similar to Google’s Play Store. It’s where Luno customers can go to discover new and intriguing crypto-based products and services that have just arrived in the digital currency industry. The apps offered in the Luno Store have been pre-screened and thoroughly examined, ensuring their safety.

How does Luno Exchange Currencies?

Luno allows you to swap cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in three simple steps:

Register for a free Luno Wallet: Access Luno through your web browser or smartphone and complete the simple registration procedure to create your Luno profile.

Money may be deposited into your Luno Wallet in the following ways: Use your favorite mode of payment to deposit any fiat value into your Luno Wallet. This might be a bank transfer or a credit card payment.

Purchase your preferred cryptocurrency: Purchase the desired quantity of cryptocurrency. It may be safely saved in your Luno Wallet or transferred away from the Luno exchange.

Is Luno Safe to Use?

Luno has proven itself as a reliable exchange platform since its inception in 2013. The organization provides a high degree of security by securing a Luno wallet with two-factor verification and storing account passwords in hashed form.

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SSL encryption is utilized throughout the trading site, while PGP encryption is used to safeguard Luno wallets. Luno essentially stores its clients’ assets in a series of “deep freeze” cold storage wallets, which are far more secure than hot wallets.


Cold storage wallets are multi-signature, encrypted wallets with private keys housed in separate bank vaults. Because of the multi-signature characteristics, no single person can access a Luno wallet without the assistance of other parties.


Luno thinks that by promoting decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the world will shift its perspective and become less reliant on money. The company’s platform offers a secure, convenient, and feature-rich method to the bank in the crypto world.


So, whether you want to buy your first Bitcoin or devise the ideal cryptocurrency trading plan, Luno is here to help.

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