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The Gamestop NFT Marketplace Boosts Loopring Prices to the Peak?

LRC Cryptocurrency: the Gamestop NFT Marketplace Boosts Loopring Prices to the Peak?

What is Loopring?

Loopring is characterised as “an Ethereum token that, according to the Coinbase website, presents itself as ‘an open-sourced, audited, and non-custodial trading mechanism.'” It aims to make it possible for anybody to construct non-custodial, order book-based exchanges on Ethereum through the use of zero-knowledge proofs.”

Loopring (LRC) is a relatively young cryptocurrency project, but it is causing quite a stir in 2021 as a result of its spectacular rise in recent weeks, according to the most current data. On the 27th of October, the price of Loopring was $0.38. On November 10, the price of the cryptocurrency reached USD 3.46. It is particularly astounding when you realise how many coins have never even come close to $1.

Loopring (LRC) has risen to become one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies. Over the past few weeks, the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency has experienced explosive growth, and it is now one of Coinbase’s most popular coins. The performance of Loopring (LRC) following its November rise will be intriguing to observe over the next several weeks to see how things develop.

LRC Cryptocurrency: the Gamestop NFT Marketplace Boosts Loopring Prices to the Peak?

Loopring History

In order to eliminate user dependence on centralized exchanges or other trustworthy third parties and to allow international liquid marketplaces, Loopring’s key aims are as follows: Loopring attempts to do this by compensating ecosystem actors that participate in the execution of decentralized exchange services, with transactions handled via non-custodial smart contracts, as described above.
Although blockchains are designed to facilitate trustless trading, entirely on-chain exchanges are plagued by a number of difficulties, including slow transaction speeds, poor throughput, and high transaction costs. It may also be extremely expensive or impossible to mimic centralized exchange speed and performance by completing all exchange steps on-chain, given the current state of the technology. Due to these considerations, Loopring has moved virtually all data and computation off-chain, while keeping trust-minimizing characteristics through the use of zero-knowledge proofs.

How Do Loopring Works?

The protocol enlists the assistance of ring miners to carry out the necessary tasks. Ring miners and order rings will execute orders in exchange for financial incentives. In the form of feed or order margins, traders provide compensation to miners.

Traders have the option of determining the maximum quantity of LRC tokens that will flow to the miner.

LRC Cryptocurrency: the Gamestop NFT Marketplace Boosts Loopring Prices to the Peak?

Miners and traders can agree on the claimable margin for a single order while leaving the fees and margins up to the trader’s discretion.

In contrast to the AMM and order-book exchange models, the Loopring Layer 2 software is not a custodial platform. There is also a payment platform based on the Loopring protocol that may be used. This trading platform allows users to trade a broad variety of digital goods with one another. The Loopring DEX is a secure and quick trading platform that charges no transaction fees.

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It is possible to bundle orders and transfer them to other exchanges off-chain using the Loopring protocol. The Loopring platform may also be utilized by both centralized and decentralized exchanges, making it easy for traders to compare prices for their digital assets throughout the whole market, which is beneficial for both parties. It also helps to increase the liquidity of Ethereum’s various exchanges. Loopring is commonly referred to as a “agnostic” platform since it can easily connect with any smart contract platform, regardless of the technology being used.

Loopring Features

The introduction of innovative cryptography into the platform constitutes the main value proposition of Loopring.

The usage of zkRollups is one approach of increasing the viability of the Ethereum blockchain for decentralized applications.

It makes use of a cryptographic method known as zero-knowledge proofs, which is well-known in the cryptographic community. As a result, it permits computer software to make a claim without having to provide any supporting documentation.

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A zero-knowledge proof may advise you that it is raining today without you having to look out the window or prove to a border control official that you are authorised to enter the country without having to reveal your name and address. When it comes to bitcoin protocols, zero-knowledge proofs are critical because they avoid disclosing too much information to other parties or having to rely on a central authority in the case of a failure.

LRC Cryptocurrency: The GameStop NFT Marketplace Boosts Loopring Prices to the Peak?

Following the announcement by GameStop (NYSE: GME) that it will be creating a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) later this year, the cryptocurrency Loopring (CCC: LRC-USD) has gotten a lot of attention. The video-game store also said that it was on the verge of finalizing partnerships with two unknown cryptocurrency firms, which drew attention to the cryptocurrency’s price projections.

The firms will collaborate to build and invest in games that make use of blockchain and NFT technologies as a result of these relationships. Loopring is believed to be one of these firms by cryptocurrency investors. Based on its market value of $2.27 billion at the time of writing, LRC crypto is now the 58th biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.
It is a blockchain-based project that runs on top of the Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD) network and is currently under development. Furthermore, Loopring makes use of ZkRollup (with “zk” standing for “zero knowledge”), which allows it to handle several private transactions as if they were all part of a single transaction.

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The zkRollup technique improves transaction speed while also lowering expenses. The zkRollup scaling mechanism, according to the Loopring team, is “the most secure scaling method the industry has ever seen, allowing users to access their assets in any situation.”

LRC Cryptocurrency: the Gamestop NFT Marketplace Boosts Loopring Prices to the Peak?
As previously reported in November, Loopring CEO Daniel Wang had transferred 61.3 million LRC crypto tokens from layer 1 to layer 2 in a move described as “significant.” Investors at the time believed that the cryptocurrency was being traded in order to offer support and liquidity for the GameStop NFT marketplace. Following today’s revelation of the existence of a market, it appears that the move may have the potential to validate such fears.

With reports of a possible cooperation spreading, supporters of the LRC cryptocurrency are wondering where the cryptocurrency will go this year. Let’s get this party started.

Loopring Price Predictions

Coinpedia predicts that the price of Loopring will be $7.50 in 2022, which is the first of the price forecasts. That projection, on the other hand, is conditional on Loopring entering into a deal with GameStop. If no agreement is reached between the two firms, Coinpedia predicts that the price will be $4.50.
LRC’s average price forecast for 2022 is $4.76, according to CryptoNewsZ. This projection would imply a 178 percent increase in value over current pricing, which is rather remarkable. LRC is predicted to reach $5.66 in the best-case scenario and $4.23 in the worst-case scenario, according to expectations. In any case, CryptoNewsZ is optimistic about the future of this cryptocurrency.
According to Wallet Investor, the price will be $3.30 in 2022. This projection would suggest a gain of 93 percent in the short term. The Wallet Investor website also points out that the attitude around the LRC cryptocurrency has been highly negative over the past month.
The price of Digital Coin is predicted to be $2.40 in 2022. This statistic reflects a 40 percent increase in value. Digital Coin made its price projection by employing a proprietary algorithm that took into account past data, according to the company.

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