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Lost Ollie Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers & Updates!

Lost Ollie Season 2 Release Date: Most people took great interest in the story of Netflix’s new web series “Lost Ollie”.It is fascinating and has different storylines in which both children and adults show immense interest. Fans want to know when they can expect new episodes from the second season of this series. As a result, we’ve decided to provide you with this guide.

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about the upcoming Lost Ollie Season 2 Release Date, how many episodes will be there in season 2 of this series, its main casts, online streaming platform, story, and other details. Let’s take a look at this guide right away.

Lost Ollie Season 2 Plot

Well, “Lost Ollie” by Netflix is an amazing story that definitely deserves to watch just for its great storylines. It is a story about a little rabbit doll named Ollie and his human best friend, Billy. Ollie shows realistic images in the series.

Billy has had unconditional love towards his toy from his toddler age and even when he grows up. However, Ollie lost his friend in the series. How he finds him is a suspense in this series. The story is filled with emotional drama with dark turns enough to keep viewers of any age hooked on.

lost ollie season 2 release date

The series begins with the emotional introduction of Ollie and Billy in which Billy desperately tries to find his toy. But Ollie is lost and drowned in a puddle of water. The first episode of this series will highlight that Ollie is found in a thrift store as he is separated from his best friend. Then Ollie is set up for sale and for some reason no one can hear his thoughts.

Due to so much trouble, Ollie doesn’t seem to remember anything about his disappearance and his presence in the store. Ollie has a strong desire to reunite with his buddy. It’s interesting how they show inferences from the meaningful conversations between Billy and Ollie. Ollie knew that certainly, his friend would be finding him desperately.

Lost Ollie Season 2  Cast

Voice Cast  Characters
Jonathan Groff Ollie
Mary J. Blige Rosy
Tim Blake Nelson Zozo
Cast  Characters
Kesler Talbot Billy
Jake Johnson Daddy
Gina Rodriguez Momma
William Carson young Billy
Everett Andres Mike Apple
Zoë Noelle Baker Jolene
Isabel Birch Suzy
BJ Harrison Flossie
James Pizzinato Suzy’s dad/Older Billy

lost ollie season 2 release date

Lost Ollie Season 2 Release Date

Lost Ollie Season 1  Release Date is on 24 August 2022 and received mixed reviews. Now, fans are eager to know the upcoming season and episodes. Well, there is no update on the new season 2 yet to be released. But you read our article to learn about more on latest updates.

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Lost Ollie Season 2 Trailer

This miniseries received huge appreciation from critics and is an American computer-animated based on the 2016 children’s book Ollie’s Odyssey by William Joyce.

Episodes of Lost Ollie Season 1

No. Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 “Ollie Is Lost” Peter Ramsey Teleplay byShannon Tindle August 24, 2022
2 “The Quest” Peter Ramsey Joanna Calo August 24, 2022
3 “Bali Hai” Peter Ramsey Marc Haimes August 24, 2022
4 “Home” Peter Ramsey Shannon Tindle & Kate Gersten August 24, 2022

Rating Of Lost Ollie Season 2

Rotten Tomatoes

  • The proportion of users who gave 3.5 stars or higher.


  • IMDb RATING 7.8/10

Frequently Asked Questions

At The End of ‘Lost Ollie’: Did Ollie And Billy Reunite?


As Zozo doesn’t want to remember its dark past, Rosy decided to fight with him to save Ollie, and this works. Zozo tried to kill Rosy by stabbing her in the chest. The final episode is as heartbreaking as Ollie felt that he was lost. So, viewers have to wait for upcoming seasons how’ll they gonna meet each other. This would be suspense.

How Does Ollie Try To Find His Best Friend?

While escaping from the thrift store, Ollie and Zozo are joined by a third toy, a teddy bear named Rosy who help them against a dog, Button’s attack. Ollie quickly figure out that the dark river is actually the Ohio river and they took a steamboat to cross over to the other side. A lot of challenges they face to find Billy.On the other side, Billy is desperately trying to find Ollie.

What Was Zozo’s Past, And Why Did He Attack Ollie?

Many years before, in 1965, Zozo used to be a spring -doll in one of the stalls at the amusement park named Wonderland. The stall let visitors play a game where they would have to throw balls at Zozo.

So Zozo’s life was all about getting hit and then springing back up again. All went well at the amusement park was closed in 1970, and the items were auctioned off. Gradually, Zozo grew frustrated and bitter about his loss, and his desperation brought out a terrible dark side in him.

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“Lost Ollie” is a series that highlights the value of relationships whether it would be with living things or not. In addition, it gives us an important lesson that some memories are never meant to fade.

It is an inspirational story for all those people who are suffering from the pain of losing someone close to their hearts, also a heartbreaking story and worth watching because it has many lessons to offer, and the main goal is to bring out the power of love.

The agenda of creating Ollie was to rebuild it with all the memories stitched together so that Billy will never feel alone. Also, his mother says that no matter who you lose, don’t become bitter. Well, one can choose anyone to share emotions, feelings, and loneliness.

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