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Los Muertos Nft : Nft Collection and Everything You Need to Know !

Following the launch of the Los Muertos NFT collection on April 5, the collection has acquired considerable popularity. Since its release to the public, the Da de Los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) themed collection, consisting of 10,000 NFTs, has been in high demand.

One of the collection’s investments was made public yesterday for the benefit of its owners. “We have acquired and staked 28 @nftworldsNFT for a total cost of 343 ETH ($1,136,077) for the benefit of Los Muertos holders,” the post stated. What We Know About the Los Muertos National Festival of the Dead

So, What Exactly Is Dia De Los Muertos?

It is claimed that the Muertos was revived into the Metaverse while searching for Los Muertos World, according to its official website. Whenever an NFT collector has a Muerto in their possession, they get access to Los Muertos World. According to the website, the Muerto metaverse “provides opportunities for creativity, exploration, companionship, and personal growth.”

Los Muertos Nft

Let’s have a look at the rarity. Each NFT is algorithmically constructed by merging hundreds of hand-drawn qualities from several trait categories to form a single unique trait. The colours of the NFT help you to identify it as a rare find. The most popular colours for Dia de Los Muertos are white and red, while the rarest colours are black and gold, and the uncommon colours are the rest of the colours available. When it comes to the renowned Muertos, there are only 12 of this one-of-a-kind NFTs available throughout the collection.

As of this writing, more than half of the collection has been minted on OpenSea, according to the developers. Image courtesy of Los Muertos World on Open sea
Each Muertos holder is granted a royalty-free licence in exchange for their ownership. In general, they are permitted to use, reproduce, display, and animate their NFT for both personal and commercial reasons.

Last but not least, the group. The group is solely described as digital artists, Web3 nerds, and community builders on the group’s website. However, there is a controversy surrounding the fact that there are supposedly no Mexicans included in the collection that is inspired by Mexican culture. Is this correct? The founders of Los Muertos have not yet responded to our inquiries.

Nft for the Day of the Dead

An exclusive collection of 777 one-of-a-kind NFTs showcasing highly detailed real art in the celebration of Dia de las Muertas, available only from NFTs.

Los Muertos Nft

An ideal method to diversify your investment portfolio is to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind investment opportunity that connects enterprises on both the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

Eth 343 Was Spent on the Purchase of Land for 28 Nft Worlds by the Los Muertos Nft Collection

NFT Worlds has acquired and staked 28 NFTs for a total of $1,136,077 through the community-driven NFT initiative, Los Muertos, which was unveiled today (343 ETH). More information regarding the developments will be revealed when they become available. We have purchased and staked 28 @nftworldsNFT tokens for a total of 343 ETH ($1,136,077) on behalf of Los Muertos holders for 343 ETH ($1,136,077).

10th of April, 2022, Courtesy of Los Muertos (@los Muertosnft)

Ten thousand NFTs are contained within this NFT collection. With a floor price of 0.4889 Ethereum (ETH) and an average trading volume of 2.89K Ethereum (ETH) at the time of writing, the collection is now the most expensive in the market.

The NFTs are already in the possession of 5.2k individuals. Developed by a group of digital artists, web3 experts, and community builders, Los Muertos World’s mission is to “service its members,” according to the site’s official mission statement.

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Los Muertos, which was launched on the 5th of April, has seen tremendous growth in a short period, rising to the fifth position in the list of the top NFT collections based on 24-hour trading volumes on Open sea. Even one of their Rare NFTs sold for a whopping ten Ethereum.

To Create Each Nft in the Collection, an Algorithm Is Used to Integrate Hundreds of Distinct Hand-drawn Qualities From Several Trait Categories

According to the collection’s version 1 roadmap, the community will reward certain holders with a gift from the design team within 90 days of the collection’s initial introduction. Aside from this, it has been revealed that 100% of the royalties would be returned to the community fund. The owners of these ultra-cool NFTs will be entitled to a slew of benefits. As a result, when one purchases an NFT, he or she is entitled to full ownership of the NFT as well as the art that is displayed on it. On the Ethereum Network, ownership rights are cryptographically verifiable, and there will be no attempts to amend or abolish ownership rights in the foreseeable future.

Los Muertos Nft

In exchange for one’s ownership, one receives a royalty-free licence that allows him or her to use, reproduce, display and animate the NFT that they have acquired for both personal and commercial purposes.

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There are five categories of NFTs in the collection that are considered to be extremely rare. The NFTs in white belong to the ‘Common’ category, whereas the coloured ones belong to the ‘Uncommon’ group. The NFTs in red belong to the ‘Rare’ category, whereas the NFTs in black and gold belong to the ‘Ultra’ category.

To Create Each Nft in the Collection, an Algorithm Is Used to Integrate Hundreds of Distinct Hand-drawn Qualities From Several Trait Categories

The Mexican holiday of Da de Los Muertos is typically marked by the creation of colourful ofrendas, or altars, by families in memory of their deceased loved ones. Two Latino entrepreneurs, on the other hand, opted to honour — and advertise — the occasion in a different way.

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The rise of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens, or NFTs — digital assets that are similar to collectible trading cards — presented an opportunity for David Galan, a well-known cryptocurrency investor who is 40 years old, to fill the NFT space with meaningful art inspired by Da de los Muertos a couple of months ago.


Galan’s father, Fernando Galan, died when he was 21 years old, at the age of 50. Galán’s father was constantly concerned with what it meant to be a Mexican American, he recalled. “He’s always been there for me, no matter what, ever since,” she says.

Galan is a co-founder of the Day of the Dead NFT project, which consists of a collection of 7,777 non-fiction texts. For the project’s digital materials, we used imagery that was highly influenced by La Catrina — the skull image derived from an Aztec legend that is found on everything from food to clothing — which is prominent during the Da de los Muertos celebrations.

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