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Lookism Season 2 Release Date: What is Lookism Based On?

Gather ye all who adore lookism! The release date for the second season of the Lookism anime has been revealed, along with other information about the show.

In the film, “Lookism,” we observe the daily life of a high school student who exists in an atmosphere in which judging people based on their appearance is at its most extreme.

Park Hyeong Seok discovers that he has become a different person when he wakes up one morning as he is struggling to deal with all of the criticisms. In contrast to his traditional good looks, the man he sees when he looks in the mirror is stunningly attractive and possesses a flawless physique. What will the rest of his life be like? How will the people around him alter the perceptions they currently have of him?

On December 8, 2022, the public was presented with the first season of Lookism, which consisted of eight episodes, and each episode of Lookism is twenty-five minutes long. We are confident that you have completed the anime in no more than two days at the most based on its rating of 7.6 on IMDb. Lookism features a number of well-known voice actors, including Eugene Ko, Nick Martineau, Ell, Halley Kim, and Earl Baylon, among others.

Without further ado, let’s find out when the Lookism Season 2 release date is so that you can get back to watching this stunning anime series!

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Lookism Season 2 Release Date

There has not yet been an official announcement made regarding the release date of the second season of the Korean Netflix production Lookism. Neither the producers of Lookism nor Netflix have disclosed any information regarding the future of the show, including whether or not it will be renewed for another season. On the other hand, we do not believe that this predicament warrants any concern at this time. When compared to other platforms, Netflix appears to be the very last medium to give such news. [Citation needed] [Citation needed] He likes to make us wonder!

Because of the tragic events that occurred in Seoul, the first season of Lookism was not aired until much later than the date that was originally planned. We have no way of knowing whether or not this will have a detrimental effect on Lookism Season 2. I really hope that it won’t have any impact.

If our projections hold true, the second season of Lookism might be released to the show’s devoted audience at the end of the year 2023. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on Lookism to stay up to date on all the newest developments!

Lookism Season 1 Ending Explained

The new Hyeong-Seok makes an effort to assist Deok-Hwa, whom she sees as a reflection of her previous self and who is victimised on a regular basis. Because she is consistently criticised, Deok-Hwa has decided that she no longer wants to sing. Hyeong-Seok urges him not to give up on anything ever. She introduces him to a community that does not engage in bullying. In addition, the person formerly known as Hyeong-Seok makes his introduction to Deok-Hwa. They encourage one another by conversing and sharing their experiences with one another.

As soon as the setting alters, we receive an invitation to the Jaewon Festival. This is where the new Hyeong-Seok is waiting to put on a performance, one in which he has honed both of his bodies via dozens upon dozens of repetitions. He is in a condition of extreme tension right now.

On the other side, Park Jin-Ho is put in a position where he is always vulnerable to negative feedback from others. Additionally, Basco will prevail in the arm wrestling competition. During this time, Hyeong-Seok is focusing his attention on what he is doing.

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In general, Su-Jeong is quite kind to her former girlfriend Hyeong-Seok and does a lot to assist her. On the other hand, he behaves poorly with the new Hyeong-Seok this time. Hyeong-Seok has a significant lead for a considerable period of time, but Basco’s interference causes him to start losing ground.

After hearing the encouraging words of his other companions, Hyeong-Seok makes the decision to pull himself together and return to the race; however, Su-Jeong decides to stop the race to prevent serious destruction from occurring. With their song “Fly Up,” Hyeong-Seok and Deok-Hwa are able to win over the hearts and minds of everyone. When Deok-Hwa begins to rap at the very end of the song, everyone around him is taken aback. In front of the stage, a massive audience quickly amassed.

After their performance, there is a rousing wave of applause, and the humiliated Deok-Hwa has already boarded the bus and fled the scene. Hyeong-Seok does not want to do anything without his close friend Deok-Hwa after receiving his card from one of the most well-known music businesses. Hyeong-Seok and Deok-Hwa have achieved everything together up to this point.

Bigshot DG, who is well-known in the K-pop world, has viewed their film and expressed his appreciation for it. In the meantime, a mystery has been solved: it turns out that Su-Jeong, who was captured on camera, also exists in two distinct incarnations, just like Hyeong-Seok.

The very last scene depicts Hyeong-Seok making his way back to his house. While we are leaving images that were shot on this wonderful day, we are walking through the hallway of that house, and along the wall we can see photos of both her old and new versions placed together. What a fantastic conclusion, it surely merits a second season of lookism.

What is Lookism Based On?

The popular Korean webtoon of the same name served as the inspiration for Lookism. First and foremost, it is the first webtoon adaptation ever produced by Netflix, making it completely unique in its area. Webtoons are South Korean comics that are drawn digitally and uploaded to the internet for public consumption. For those who are unaware, the term “webtoon” refers to these works. Since 2003, this setting has been responsible for the production of hundreds of anime.

If we really need to put a number on how popular Lookism is, we can point to the fact that it was shown on Naver, which is one of the most well-known webtoon sites. The production, which received a lot of attention from people all around the world, has been translated into a total of nine different languages and currently has more than 9.1 million views. In addition, it includes a plot that is filled with plenty of adventures, which is sufficient for Lookism Season 2 — yet another reason to rejoice and have hope!

In conclusion, we believe it is imperative for you to be aware of this as well. Studio Mir is the name of the company that is producing the anime series Lookism. You are correct in your recollection; Studio Mir is the production studio that was responsible for works such as Harley Quinn, Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Death and Return of Superman!

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