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Long-Term Investment in MATIC: Predictions for 2030

Polygon is a crucial platform for the Ethereum ecosystem. Therefore, it holds a strong position while other cryptocurrencies are falling. Over the last month, MATIC’s price has increased by 220%. And while many call this a bullish rally in a bearish trend, wise investors are accumulating this asset.

Consider joining their community. Find the MATIC price prediction for the coming years below!

Polygon (MATIC) News and Updates

To see the real value and worldwide reputation of the blockchain, we offer you a brief glance at the crucial updates:

Cooperation with Mercedes

Daimler South East Asia, part of the Mercedes Benz Group, announced the launch of a pilot project of its own decentralized data exchange service Acentrik on the Polygon blockchain. The network was specially designed for corporate users.

Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company has included the Polygon in the accelerator program for 2022. Accelerator participants will receive recommendations from senior management of the company, as well as from a special mentor.


Coca-Cola has announced the launch of the Pride Series NFT Collection in honor of the LGBTQIA+ community. Each NFT will be unique and “aimed at shining a bright light on members of the community and spreading a message of love.”

Some of the NFTs are already registered with OpenSea. The minimum price of the NFT Coca-Cola Pride Series is now 1 ETH.

Gnosis Safe

Gnosis Safe (a convenient multi-signature platform with a high level of security) also joined Polygon. Most likely this cooperation will make the development ecosystem more robust with its independent tools. It is expected to lower gas fees and speed up transactions.

Things That Affect MATIC’s Price

The MATIC’s future price will be of great dependence on a number of features, including technology updates and level of adoption.

New Protocol

On July 20, 2022, Polygon announced the new solution to its existing products — zkEVM (a testnet milestone). zkEVM stands for Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine and combines massive scalability through zero-knowledge folding with the Ethereum Solidity programming language.

EVM is the programming layer of Ethereum. Thanks to this, smart contracts can be understood and executed. With zkEVM, you can now use projects developed for Ethereum directly on Polygon. At the same time, huge throughput is possible.

Increasing User Base

One more thing that drives the MATIC price is the increasing user base. There are several facts proving Polygon is gaining momentum:

  • The number of Polygon wallets significantly increased throughout 2021. Today, they have reached 130 million unique addresses.
  • There are 2.7 million monthly users.
  • Over 90,000 developers have published their first contracts.

Interest of Institutional Investors

As institutional investors are gradually entering the crypto market, MATIC isn’t the last point on their list.

So, Polygon was included in several Exchange Trading Products (ETPs). The well-known ones include:

  • Osprey Polygon Trust
  • 21 Shares Polygon ETP

The world’s largest digital investment company, Grayscale Investments, reportedly considers Polygon to be included in their investment product, considering MATIC’s huge potential.

Also, the managing fund Grayscale Investments presented a list of its potential investments. Polygon was among the 25 candidates to join the list. On its website, the company explained that it considers this project promising.

In February of this year, Sequoia Capital India led a $450 million funding round for the Polygon project. Tiger Global, SoftBank, Galaxy Digital, and other companies also made their investments.

Expert Estimates on MATIC

A number of analytical platforms have given their MATIC price predictions for 2023 and further. Overall almost all of the forecasts are bullish, but it’s crucial to see how they estimate these values.


Polygon’s short-term technical analysis from CoinCodex indicates that market sentiment is neutral. According to the forecast of the service, the cost of Polygon (MATIC) may increase up to $1.73 by the beginning of 2023.


GovCapital forecasts MATIC’s average price to rise to $2.8 by the end of 2022. Service data suggests that Polygon shows an upward trend, and that the bottom for this bear market is already past.


The MATIC coin forecast from DigitalCoinPrice suggests that in 2022, the coin will cost an average of $1.29, in 2023, it will rise to $1.54, and in 2025 — to $1.95.

According to the long-term forecast of the service, the average price of the MATIC token in 2030 could be $4.44.

What Is the Future of MATIC?

Polygon is deservedly included in the top 20 in terms of capitalization. It is one of the fundamental infrastructure projects in the industry, on the basis of which many other applications will work. Its development can attract additional funds to the Polygon network, thereby increasing the capitalization of the project itself and its native coins’ cost.

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