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Lola Tung Net Worth: What Is Lola Tung’s Net Worth?

Lola Tung Net Worth

Lola Tung is a New York City-based American actress, model, and social media celebrity. Lola rocketed to prominence in June 2022, when she landed her first breakout role in the Amazon Prime series The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Tung starred as Isabel or “Belly” in the highly anticipated TV adaptation of Jenny Han’s novels in this popular Amazon series. She is a rising star in the American entertainment industry.

Following her appearance in this famous series, Lola began receiving offers for a variety of additional ventures, including television commercials and sponsorships. This young actress seemed to be getting a head start on her career.

Early Life

New York City is the place where Lola Tung’s birth took place on October 28th, 2002. She was born into an Asian American household. He has not divulged a great deal of information concerning her childhood or her parents.

We are aware that her mother’s name is Pia Tung, and we also know that Lola still resides in New York with her. In addition to that, she mentions that her mother Pia is her number one fan.

Lola attended and graduated from the renowned LA Guardia High School in New York City, which has been featured in a number of well-known musical films and has a number of high-profile alumni such as Jennifer Aniston and Nicki Minaj. Lola spent her childhood in New York City.

Lola was given her first opportunity to participate in a talent competition when she was in the fourth grade, and by the time she was in the sixth grade, she had completely fallen in love with being on stage.

However, it wasn’t until Lola took some classes in acting while she was still in high school that she came to the conclusion that acting was the profession she wanted to pursue. Following this, Lola registered at Carnegie Mellon University, which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Acting Career

In the year 2022, Lola Tung made her debut as an actress in the hit series The Summer I Turned Pretty, which was shown on Amazon Prime. During this time period, she was still enrolled in the university; hence, she took the academic year off when production on the series began.

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As a result of the epidemic caused by Covid 19, Lola would not set foot on the Carnegie campus until she was a first-year student. This is because college visits were significantly more difficult.

She was concerned that Pittsburgh would be too dissimilar to New York City for her to adapt to, but she was pleasantly surprised to find what she considered to be the ideal combination of city and suburbs in Pittsburgh.

Lola Tung is one of the few students at Carnegie Mellon University who was able to accomplish all of her acting goals during her first year there.

However, considering that The Summer I Turned Pretty has already been picked up for a second season, it is possible that Lola’s absence from college will be somewhat longer than anticipated. Because The Summer I Turned Pretty is Lola’s first formal acting credit, she gained a lot of experience from her time spent there.

She had only performed in her school musicals before to being cast in the part of Isabel, also known as “Belly,” on the series. This series is an adolescent drama that is being adapted from Jenny Han’s books with the same title, and it is receiving a great deal of anticipation. Jenny is also the lady who directed the critically acclaimed film All the Boys, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Lola Tung’s Net Worth

It is anticipated that Lola Tung will have a net worth of around $400,000 by the year 2022. She is one of the upcoming actresses in the film industry, and she shot to prominence after being cast on the critically acclaimed series The Summer I Turned Pretty, which is available exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Her acting job is the primary contributor to her financial success, and she has just begun receiving book deals for appearances in ads that air on television. The sum of approximately 80,000 dollars is Lola Tung’s annual revenue.

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