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Lil Duval Sparks Controversy: What Did He Say About His Daughter?

Comedian Lil Duval, 45, came under fire this week after controversial tweets about his teenage daughter, Nila Powell, from 2010-2012 resurfaced. See the tweets and keep reading to find out more about Lil’ Duval’s kids.

Who is Lil Duval?

Lil Duval, real name Roland Powell, is a comedian, actor, and music artist from the United States. He was raised in Jacksonville, Florida, where he was born on June 12th, 1977. Soon after graduating from First Coast High School, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.

A finalist on BET’s comedy competition series Coming to the Stage, the comedian is said to have been discovered while performing at an Oakland talent competition in 2001. Guy Code and Hip Hop Squares on MTV2 made Duval a series regular.

Lil Duval Sparks Controversy

Lil Duval Sparks Controversy: What Did He Say About His Daughter?

A tweet from Roland Powell’s account from 2012 that said, “Once my daughter’s period starts that’s when I’m going to be the first dude to dog her out,” has surfaced, drawing criticism for the Scary Movie V star.

The celebrity at the time unfortunately also asked his fans, “Be genuine boys, if u f—ked a girl and she has a daughter that u seen grow up would u f*ck her when she grew up,” which was another troubling update.

This was just the start, as a third tweet from the same year surfaced and stated, “So most of you admitting you started thinking about sex at 11 or 12. So, my kid, who is 10, is moving in with me.

It’s unclear precisely what the Guy Code actor is getting at here, but he tweeted at singer Justin Bieber in a similarly crude manner two years ago, writing, “#justinbieberpossessedfan.” Hey Justin, could you please r—e me and my daughter and then, if I stray, beat me with a bat?

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What Did Tornica Cheney Say?

While comments keep flooding in online, it’s unclear if Duval will speak out in the coming days to address the upsetting issue.

Although Duval’s child’s identity is still unknown, his baby’s mom, Tornica Cheney, is said to have sued the comedian for child support back in 2020.

According to court records that BOSSIP was able to collect, Cheney stated that their daughter was born in 2008 and that she has been parenting the child by herself since then. She reportedly stated that Lil Duval had a $2.5 million net worth and was a “world-renowned comedian, performer, entrepreneur, and businessman.”

Duval “spares no expense on luxury,” according to Cheney, while maintaining his “opulent and affluent” lifestyle and collecting child support. She also requested that the comedian name her as the beneficiary of a $1 million life insurance policy and pay for the girl’s health insurance and medical costs.

In order to calculate child support, the lady also requested that Duval provide documentation of his earnings and assets. Nonetheless, she argued that given his considerable salary, the amount of child support should be increased.

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Lil Duval is a comedian, actor, and music artist from Jacksonville, Florida. Lil Duval Sparks Controversy After Tweeting “Once my daughter’s period starts, I’m going to be the first dude to dog her out” and asking fans if they would f*ck her when she grew up.

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