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Liam Hemsworth Affair: Reason Behind Breaking Up With Miley Cyrus!

Want to know what’s going on with Liam Hemsworth? So, that might have been why you broke up with Miley Cyrus. Yes, he was blamed for what was said to be a relationship outside of his marriage.

Still, many of his fans don’t know the full story. Even though both Liam and Miley have moved on with their lives, the internet is still full of stories about their old relationship.

Liam Hemsworth got a lot of attention for his role as Josh Taylor on the TV show Neighbours. He doesn’t need much of a start! The Hunger Games, Poker Face, The Elephant Princess, and Most Dangerous Game are some of Liam’s best movies that newcomers should watch.

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that Liam Hemsworth’s next project, The Witcher Season 4, is about to come out. We will see him as Geralt of Rivia, the main character.

Back when Liam Hemsworth was dating Malibu singer Miley Cyrus, they were together on and off for almost a decade. If you want to know more about their marriage, it only lasted two years. When Miley and Liam legally broke up, she said that there had been “too much conflict” between them.

Now, there seems to have been a lot more than just “conflict.” Liam Hemsworth has been in the news lately because of an alleged affair, which turned out to be a big deal. Is it true? If so, what was her name? If you want to know what we know about Liam Hemsworth’s affair, read on.

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Liam Hemsworth’s Affair

It is said that Liam Hemsworth cheated on Miley Cyrus with 14 other women, but this is just a rumor. Oh, really? Yes! It came up after Miley put out a song and music video called “Flowers” about a breakup.

It was said that Liam slept with those women in the room where it was shot, even though he was already married to her. This was very mean! Some people started calling Miley their role model because of this smart move.

Miley wears a gold Saint Laurent dress in the music video, which you must have seen if you’ve seen it. Well, Jennifer Lawrence wore the same dress to the premiere of The Hunger Games.

People said Miley Cyrus made it sound like Liam Hemsworth had an affair with one of his co-stars. Don’t forget to mention that Jennifer has already talked about a kiss she shared with Liam off-screen. This theory makes a lot of sense!

Before, when asked if Liam Hemsworth’s affair was the reason why he broke up with the singer, Miley denied it. She said that cheating was not the real thing.

People talked on Twitter and other social media sites about Liam Hemsworth’s affair. Well, it wouldn’t be right to back up the rumors that he cheated on his wife. Why?

Most of the time, that’s because Miley Cyrus says it’s not the reason. But the hints she dropped in her “Flowers” music video make us all think twice!

It was clear that Jennifer Lawrence liked Liam Hemsworth a little bit. But she didn’t say for sure that she had dated him. It was only a kiss between the two of them.

We’re not sure if Liam did that while he was with Miley or not. If that was true, then the actor had definitely cheated on Miley.

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