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Level List of The DC Universe

The cinematic universe, formerly known as the DCEU and now known as the DC Universe, has had a rocky road ever since the early days of Man of Steel, through the saga of the Snyder version, and now to Black Adam and beyond. The journey began with Man of Steel and has continued through Black Adam and beyond. At the presentation that will air this coming week, we will revert to our usual structure of level lists in order to compare and contrast the various flicks.

You can read our evaluations of the new film “She Said,” which follows the extraordinary work of two New York Times investigative journalists exposing the Harvey Weinstein scandal in 2017, by scrolling through the list of levels in the following paragraph. In conjunction with the premiere of “She Said,” we are going to talk about the career of one of the film’s actresses, Carey Mulligan, and try to decide which of her acting roles we enjoy seeing the most.


00:00:00 – Intro
00:07:04 – DC Universe Tier List
01:15:36 – This Week In Movies
01:18:46 – She Said Review
01:32:08 – Our Favorite Carrey Mulligan Movie
01:42:14 – Outro

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