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Lenny Kravitz Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make?

Lenny Kravitz Net Worth

American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor Lenny Kravitz was born in Manhattan, New York. He is one of the most famous artists in the world, and his hit songs are known all over the world.

He has his own style, which could be about how he acts on stage or how he can charm the thousands of people who come to see him play. Kravitz is a talented man who has released almost 11 studio albums in his famous music career.

By putting out records, the singer has been able to sell more than 40 million copies. Lenny’s first studio record, Let Love Rule, came out in 1989. It was a minor hit and got Gold status in a number of countries, including the United States and many others.

After that, Kravitz kept putting out hit songs, like the first single from his third studio album, Are You Gonna Go My Way, which went viral. That song was certified two times as Platinum and helped the singer reach a wider audience.

Early Life of Lenny Kravitz

Leonard Albert Kravitz, the 58-year-old artist, was born in Manhattan, New York, on May 26, 1964. His parents, Roxie Roker, and The Jeffersons, didn’t have any other children. His mother was a well-known actress, and his father worked for NBC as a news director.

Another thing you should know about his parents is that they were not from the same religion or race. His mother was born into a Christian family, and his father was born into a Jewish family. Seymour Sol Kravitz was from Ukraine, while Roxie had African American and Bohemian roots.

Religion wasn’t talked about much at home because both of his parents were from different faiths. But at one point in his life, when he was about 13 years old, he went through a spiritual phase that led him to become a Christian who didn’t belong to any particular church.

Lenny grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for a long time. He stopped by to see his grandmother Bessie, who lived in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, on the weekends. Kravitz has loved music since he was very young.

Lenny started hitting pots and pans while they played drums when he was only 3 years old. Two years later, when he was 5, he decided he wanted to be a great singer, so he went and did just that. He learned to play the drums and then the guitar as he grew up.

While he was learning to play these instruments, he heard many different kinds of music. Besides that, Duke Ellington taught him how to play the piano. His parents thought it was a great idea for him to become a singer, and they took him to a lot of shows.

Early Career of Lenny Kravitz

He was really impressed by a show by The Jacksons. Lucky for him, his father was a Jazz Promoter, so he knew a lot of people in the music business. Miles Davis, Bobby Short, Count Basie, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, and Duke Ellington were among the famous people he knew.

Kravitz spent a lot of time at the theaters in New York watching other people act. This was also the neighborhood where his mother worked. She was very supportive of her son’s dream and interest in singing. Lenny was first motivated to be a session musician, and he also did a few commercials when he was a child.

In 1985, his parents filed for a divorce, which had a big effect on him. Lenny’s relationship with his dad was tense, and he turned to music to help him deal with the breakup. He was born with talent, just like Diane Carolle, who is his adopted aunt, and Cicely Tyson, who is his godmother.


Kravitz went to The Lillie Devereaux Blake Elementary School when he was growing up in Manhattan. His family moved to Los Angeles when his mother got a part on the TV show The Jeffersons.

He joined the Boy’s Choir there and stayed for almost three years. During that time, he also had an opportunity to sing with the Metropolitan Opera.

Later, he became interested in rock bands and started listening to music by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones, among others. He went to Beverly Hills High School, where he learned with actor Nicolas Cage and actress Slash.

He graduated in 1982. This hero is also known by the name Romeo Blue, which he took soon after he graduated.


Lenny Kravitz used to be married to actress Lisa Bonet, with whom he has a daughter named Zoe Kravitz. In 1985, they started dating after meeting each other at a New Edition show.

After that, they started going out together and went to New York City. In the end, the pair got married in Las Vegas in November 1987. In December 1988, Zoe, their first girl, was born. He eventually split up with Lisa in 1993. People say that they get along well.

Lenny Kravitz has been tied to a number of women, including Naomi Campbell, Devon Aoki, Vanessa Paradis, Nicole Kidman, Adriana Lima, Marisa Tomei, Michelle Rodriguez, Whitney Cummings, and Barbara Fialho.

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Lenny Kravitz’s Net Worth

Lenny Kravitz’s projected net worth in 2023 is around $90 million. Kravitz made a lot of money from his music. On top of all this, his regular trips brought him a lot of money every time.

Even though it’s not clear how much he made from each record or tour, it’s safe to say that it was in the millions, given how many fans he has.

Lenny also gets money from brand ads or sponsorships as a side job to make a little extra cash. The singer has a lot of money thanks to his successful music business and his acting career.

He also has a YouTube account with more than a million followers.

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