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La Barbecue Co-owner Leann Mueller Cause of Death is Cancer, is It True?

Leann Mueller Cause of Death

La Barbecue creator LeAnn Mueller died Wednesday, according to a statement posted on her restaurant’s Instagram. She was a trailblazer in the Texas barbecue industry and a member of one of the state’s most proud barbecue families. Mueller died quietly, surrounded by her closest friends and family, according to the statement.

Mueller, Bobby Mueller’s daughter, and the granddaughter of barbecue legend Louie Mueller, who opened his eponymous Taylor restaurant in 1949, opened La Barbecue as a trailer on South First Street in 2012, publicly taking over the barbecue business her brother had previously run as J Mueller BBQ.

Mueller, a long-time professional photographer, founded La Barbecue with her wife, Ali Clem, and pitmaster John Lewis, swiftly becoming one of Central Texas’s leading producers of smoked meat. The trailer was relocated to East Sixth Street the next year before being relocated to the Quickie Pickie on East Cesar Chavez Street.

Lewis, who owns two Lewis Barbecue locations in South Carolina and the Mexican restaurant Rancho Lewis in Charleston, told the American-Statesman that he considers Mueller and Clem to be family, and that the fiery Mueller would always go to great lengths to assist and protect those she considered to be part of her inner circle.

According to Lewis, it was Mueller’s fearlessness and tenacity in the face of detractors and critics that gave him the confidence to hurriedly open an understaffed La Barbecue in 2012 in the fiercely competitive Central Texas barbecue scene.

Is It True That Leann Mueller Died of Cancer?

There is no information on whether Leann Mueller had cancer or not, and no one has divulged the cause of death. Many people are wondering about the circumstances surrounding the death of LeAnn Mueller, co-owner of la Barbecue. Mueller died quietly Thursday morning, June 14, according to her representatives, while “surrounded by friends and family.”

Although the reason of her death has not been officially revealed, new sources claim that she was on her way to Los Angeles with trans artist Xavier Schipani, who had contributed artwork to la Barbecue. Mueller came from a family steeped in Texas BBQ tradition.

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As the granddaughter of the legendary Taylor pitmaster Louie Mueller, the daughter of Bobby Mueller, and the sibling of John Mueller, she was inextricably linked to the art of smoking meats to perfection. In 2012, Mueller and her wife Ali Clem opened a food truck on South First Street under the name la Barbecue.

The lengthy lineups that formed in front of their restaurant were evidence of the superior quality of their barbecue. In November 2021, they enlarged their business by opening a storefront on E. Cesar Chavez, thereby attracting lines of enthusiastic customers once more. In addition to her barbecue prowess, Mueller was renowned for her photographic abilities.

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