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Larsa Pippen Before And After Comparison: Plastic Surgery or Natural Beauty?

The difference between how Larsa Pippen looked before and after plastic surgery will make you wonder if she has had it. Larsa has been in the news lately because she said something personal about her ex-husband, Scottie Pippen.

We don’t care about that right now. Her new, beautiful, sharp look seems to be more important. Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Larsa Pippen is in the TV industry.

Larsa Pippen

Larsa Pippen became well-known after being on The Real Housewives of Miami. She has also made guest appearances on the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” because she is friends with Kim.

Larsa is a businesswoman as well as a TV star. She runs a jewellery line called Larsa Marie. Her sense of style is very impressive. She was on The Wendy Williams Show last year. Did you watch that episode in particular?

When it comes to how Larsa Pippen looked before and after, it didn’t happen this year. It has been a while. Some of Larsa’s fans are sure that she must have had plastic surgery. Her face looks very different now. Isn’t she easy to spot? What’s wrong with her face? Here’s what we know about Larsa Pippen’s looks before and after she lost weight.


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Larsa Pippen’s Before And After Looks Explained:

Larsa Pippen has talked a lot about how she looked in the past and how she looks now. Yes! The star of “Real Housewives” had plastic surgery. Larsa said at the show’s reunion last year, “I’ve had my nose done. My lips have been done. “That’s all.”


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Her face has changed a lot since she had surgery on her nose and lips. Besides that, she also said that she had done something to her breasts. Well, that was already done before Season 3, to be exact.

Larsa Pippen is quite an open-minded person. In other words, she is very open and doesn’t mind telling her face-to-face what she has done. There’s no point in trying to hide because everyone can feel and see the difference.

Larsa says that she follows the crowd and would do anything to look better and feel more confident. “I’m very happy with how I look,” she said. When we look at Larsa Pippen, we see more than just her face. We also see her body.


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Her arms and legs seem to be getting bigger. You didn’t know it, but she has put on 40 pounds, going from 100 to 140. She confirmed that she was using UltraShape in this note. In case you don’t know, it’s a non-invasive procedure that destroys fat cells by using ultrasound waves.

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They do work out every day to stay in good shape. Right? It works like a job you have to do. But Larsa Pippen herself has said that some parts of the body are hard to change. She works out seven days a week, which is why she has a tight body. That’s quite regular.

Well, Larsa Pippen once said about how she looked before and after she changed her body: “Confidence is hot on both men and women. Love your curves, smile lines, and stretch marks.” There were several rumours that she was trying to look like Kim Kardashian.


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Larsa did not say anything about these rumours. Someone once asked her if she had a Brazilian Butt Lift to make her behind bigger. In this way, she said it wasn’t true.

We wish Larsa Pippen the best for the rest of her life. Make sure you follow Larsa on Instagram so you can see more updates like these. What do you think of Larsa Pippen’s looks before and after she lost weight?

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