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Lana Del Rey Weight Gain: Why Did She Gain Weight?

Lana Del Rey Weight Gain: Lana Del Rey reveal a shocking weight gain of 50 pounds. This is how the pandemic of 2020 has affected her appearance.

The singer does not comment on her new physique, indicating that this is the least of her concerns. We cannot deny, however, that the singer’s appearance has changed significantly. So why did Lana Del Rey gain weight? What could be wrong, other than a lengthy quarantine?

Is It an Eating Disorder?

Lana Del Rey was previously accused of anorexia and bulimia. After the singer’s body underwent periodic transformations from slim to curvy, rumors began to circulate.

In 2020, the singer once again began to gain weight. In January, she attended the Grammys with her boyfriend, police officer Sean Larkin. Fans have observed that Lana’s waist has grown slightly. Even a delightful mass-market dress could not conceal the fact that the singer’s figure “floated.”

Lana experienced a similar situation in 2018 and even worse: she was thought to be pregnant due to her expanding stomach.

People thought this was a bad angle, and Lana simply overate pasta. However, the large stomach is only visible in some of the photographs (she was on vacation in Portofino, Italy). After this incident, Lana Del Rey again appeared thin.

And at the beginning of the year 2020, her body once again garnered attention. Unlike alcoholism, the singer does not confirm rumors about eating disorders.

Perhaps she had a good Christmas. According to her interviews, Demi Lovato gained weight specifically due to an eating disorder.

Lana Del Rey Weight Gain

What Lana Del Rey Says About Weight Gain

Like Olivia Ponton, the singer does not respond to this question, concealing the details of her personal life. She even deleted her Instagram account and ceased all public appearances.

Perhaps this is due to Lana’s new body, with which she is probably not overly pleased. There are claims on social media that the musician weighs a tonne.

Recently, an intriguing photo appeared on the Instagram account of Courtney Love’s ex-boyfriend, Jack Donoghue. The man is standing at the prison with Lana Del Rey.

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It is unlikely that any of them went to jail, but rumors about their relationship spread. Lana is close with Courtney Love and frequently attended Jack Donohue’s parties. The singer appears thinner in this image than in paparazzi photos.

Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain: Because of Boyfriend?

After six months of dating a police officer, Lana Del Rey ended the relationship. She was not alone for long, however, as she began an affair with an obscure musician named Clayton Johnson.

Despite the height of the pandemic, the singer visited her boyfriend’s parents and even managed to get engaged to him. All major publications discussed the forthcoming wedding.

The singer met a man on a dating website who was quarantined. The relationship developed rapidly, and her boyfriend moved into her Beverly Hills mansion. Lana only left the house to work on a new album in the recording studio.

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She desired vengeance because the fans did not enjoy Chemtrails Over the Country Club. And it has nothing to do with the music, but rather the cover featuring only white women.

Lana Del Rey created Rock Candy Sweet during her relationship with Clayton Johnson. Love has always motivated her. But what has caused Lana Del Rey’s weight gain? Probably due to a sedentary lifestyle and a happy romantic relationship.

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