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Kyle Forgeard Net Worth: How Kyle Reach a Wealth of $1.5 Million?

Kyle Forgeard is a Canadian YouTuber who has become well-known and gained a large number of fans over the years. He has made millions of dollars as a YouTuber. He has made many videos over the years and has a good reputation with his fans all over the world. People know him best for the YouTube channel “NELK,” which he helped start and has been running well for a long time.

Kyle Forgeard has a huge net worth, all of which comes from the success of his works over time. He started NELK with some other people as a prank group. But Kyle Forgeard’s online persona has been steadily growing along with the band since 2015. He is known for more than just his YouTube channel. He is also part of Full Send Entertainment.

Kyle Forgeard Quick Info

Full Name Kyle Forgeard
Birth Date / Age July 12, 1994 / 27 Years Old
Birth Place Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Source of Wealth YouTube / Entertainment
Relationship Status Single
Height 5 ft. 10 in. / 1.78 m.
Net Worth $1.5 Million

Early Life

Forgeard was born in Mississauga, Ontario, on July 12, 1994. He would finish high school and then try to study film at Ryerson University. He helped start the YouTube channel Nelk while he was in college. Forgeard would post prank videos, vlogs, and ads for his brand, Full Send Entertainment.

He was a good student, but he didn’t like school and wanted to focus on making content full-time instead. Eventually, he would quit Ryerson University and put all of his time and energy into NELK. This choice turned out to be one of the best he ever made, and it led to the success he has now.

Kyle Forgeard’s Net Worth

According to Legit, As of 2021, Kyle Forgeard is worth $1.5 million. Most of his money comes from his channel, and every view is good for him. He could see dreams and turn them into amazing things. Kyle did very well for himself because his team has gained so many fans over the years. They just came out with a hard seltzer called Happy Dad. UFC fighter Nate Diaz even seems to be promoting it.

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth

This could make his wealth grow even more in the future. Kyle just posted a video on his other channel, Full Send, in which he gives $300,000 to his father, who has always been there for him, even when he dropped out of college and tried to make a living on YouTube. Over time, it’s likely that the number of people who follow him will grow and that his income will reach the highest tower.

Donations and Other Facts

In June 2021, the Nelk Boys gave $100,000 as a reward for information about a fatal shooting on a California freeway.
Before that, Steve from the group helped a homeless man turn his life around by giving him $25,000, a job, and an apartment.
Also, over the years, they have helped with things like breast cancer awareness and COVID-19 relief.

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Career of Kyle Forgeard

Forgeard started Nelk in 2010 with the help of Niko and Marko Martinovic, who are twins. But the channel didn’t start going in the wrong direction until 2015. Forgeard became well-known after he posted a video on YouTube in which he told police officers he had cocaine in his car as a joke.

After hearing what he said, the police thought he was talking about the illegal drug cocaine and started searching the car right away. Forgeard had carefully put several bottles of Coca-Cola in the trunk of his car.


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So, the police laughed, and the video went viral, with over 40 million views and thousands of new subscribers. They would build on this and make more content like this, which would help them become well-known among the audience. Foregeard isn’t as well-known as MrBeast, but he has helped Nelk get more than 7 million YouTube subscribers and is working to build his brand even more.

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Kyle Forgeard’s Personal Life

Even though we know how much Kyle Forgeard makes and how much he is worth, we don’t know much about his personal life. From what people say, it sounds like Kyle Forgeard is single right now.

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth

But after a podcast with the well-known Mike Tyson, one of the rumors said that he had veneers. Fans are more interested in how much money Kyle Forgeard has than in what he does in his free time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old is Kyle Forgeard?

Every year on July 12, the YouTuber has a party for his birthday. Forgeard was born in 1994, so this summer he will be 28 years old.

How Much Money Does Kyle Foregard Have?

Forgeard is worth about $1.5 million at the moment. But that number will likely go up in the coming years. His being on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list for 2022 was a big deal.

Why Did Nelk’s Kyle Go to Jail?

In April 2021, the prankster is said to have been caught acting like a mall security officer at the Grapevine Mills Mall in Tarrant County, Texas. He was let out of jail after paying a $750 bond.

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