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Kim Kardashian’s attire at Paris Hilton’s holiday party was criticised by fans.

The outfit that Kim Kardashian wore to Paris Hilton’s Christmas party was seen to be “ridiculous” by many internet users, and they ridiculed her for it.

Kim’s dress choices for the Hilton family’s star-studded holiday celebration, which featured a variety of gorgeous and festive clothes, were not well received by fans of the reality star.

In the photographs that were uploaded on Instagram, the model Paris Hilton was seen wearing a red dress with short lace sleeves, and the singer Paula Abdul opted for a see-through emerald dress with sparkling sequin accents.

Heidi Klum, a model, also participated in the festivities by dressing up for the occasion. She wore a white dress with a neckline and hung a gold chain around her neck.

Kim, on the other hand, seems to have missed the memo, since she was wearing a cropped concert T-shirt and black leather pants when she made her appearance. She accessorised the look by wearing a necklace and another necklace that had rhinestones on it.

It should not come as a surprise that her laid-back ensemble differentiated her from the beautiful crowd, and followers hurried to the comments area on Instagram to praise her clothing.

Kim Kardashian fried outfit for Christmas party

Even though many people appreciated the images from the party, some criticised Kim for not dressing appropriately for the occasion.

One admirer made a remark that “everyone is well dressed, but Kim looks like a 15-year-old who was forced to go to his parents’ party.” Kim was referring to the fact that she appeared at the party. Someone another chimed in and said, “Didn’t Kim comprehend the purpose of the attire for the holiday party?”

A third individual said that “Kim’s dress looks more appropriate for a rock performance than a Christmas celebration.” Someone person offered the suggestion that the Kardashians should be invited to the party with a certain dress code the next time it is held.

Others have referred to the reality TV star’s attire as “crazy” and “awful,” and have stated that they believe she looks “inappropriate.”

However, there were followers who approved of Kim’s choice to dress casually, as evidenced by the admirer commenting, “I love Kim in this ’90s tee.” Another person concurred, and they went on to say, “Kim looks amazing in it.”

Fortunately for Kim, her close friend Paris was not worried by what she was wearing as she uploaded many images along with Kim on Instagram Stories. Paris and Kim frequently take photos together.

She noted Kim in the description for the image taken at the Christmas tree and wrote “#Blondies.” Paris captioned the second picture with the hashtag “#BlondesHaveMoreFun.”

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