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Kim Basinger Net Worth: How Much is Kim Wealth?

Kimila Ann Basinger was a fashion model before she became an actress. She has been praised for her work in movies and on TV, and she has won several awards for it, such as an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Basinger had a short but successful career as a model in New York. After that, she moved to Los Angeles and started acting on TV in 1976. She was in a few TV movies, including a remake of “From Here to Eternity” in 1979, before she got her big break in the 1979 drama “Hard Country” (1981). Basinger became known as a sex icon of the 1980s and 1990s for her role as Bond girl Domino Petachi in Never Say Never Again (1983).

Early Life

Kim Basinger was born on December 8, 1953, in Athens, Georgia. She is the second child of Ann Lee and Donald’s three kids. Skip and Mick is her two older brothers, and Barbara and Ashley are her two younger sisters. Ann Lee was a model and actress who did swimming scenes in movies with Esther Williams. Donald played in a big band and took care of loans for a living. During World War II, he was in the US army and was there at the battle of Normandy.

Kim Basinger Net Worth

When she was younger, Kim was shy. This went on for the rest of her life. But when she was in school, ballet and cheerleading helped her. Kim also took part in a number of scholarship and beauty pageants. She was crowned Athens Junior Miss. She won the state of Georgia’s Break Scholarship contest. She got a college scholarship and the chance to be in a print ad for Breck Shampoo because she won.

Kim Basinger’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the American model and actress Kim Basinger have a net worth of $20 million. She is best known for her roles in movies like “Never Say Never Again” (1983), “The Natural” (1984), “Batman” (1989), and “L.A. Confidential” (1997).

In 2001, Kim paid $540,000 for a home in Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles, that was not very big. In 2017, she put the house on the market for just under $1 million. She has a bigger house in the same area that she bought for $150,000 in the late 1970s.

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Basinger was a model for five years before she moved to Los Angeles to try to become an actress. Before she got the lead role in the TV movie “Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold,” she started out as a guest star on shows like “McMillan & Wife” and “Charlies’s Angels” (1978). In 1979, she starred with Nataline Wood, William Devane, and Steve Railsback in a remake of “From Here to Eternity” as a miniseries. In 1980, she played the same role in a spinoff TV show with the same name.

In 1981, she was in the drama “Hard Country,” which was her first movie role. She then starred in the 1982 movie “Mother Lode,” and in 1983, she played Domino Petachi, a Bond girl, in “Never Say Never Again,” which starred Sean Connery. In 1981, she posed for a Playboy picture spread that was published in 1983 to promote her role in “Never Say Never Again.

” She kept getting better known as an actress and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Barry Levinson’s 1984 movie “The Natural.” Basinger also acted in “The Man Who Loved Women” (1983), in which she played the wife of a Texas millionaire, “Fool for Love” (1985), which was directed by Robert Altman.

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Personal Life

Basinger went out with model Tim Saunders, photographer Dale Robinette, and football player Joe Namath before she became famous. She married make-up artist Ron Snyder-Britton on October 12, 1980. She met him on the set of the movie Hard Country. Basinger got agoraphobia in the same year after having a panic attack in a health food store.

Kim Basinger Net Worth

For six months, she couldn’t leave her house. Snyder quit his job during the marriage and changed his last name to Britton after Basinger asked him to pick “something with a B” so she could keep the same initials when using her married name. The couple divorced just before Christmas 1989, and Basinger paid him $9,000 a month in alimony for eight years.

Britton wrote a book called Longer Than Forever about their time together and about her affair with Richard Gere, with whom she starred in No Mister Nice Guy (1992). While she was going through her first divorce, Basinger dated Jon Peters, a hairdresser and producer, and Prince, a singer who did the album for Batman and also produced her unreleased album Hollywood Affair in 1989.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Did Kim Basinger Buy a Town in Georgia?

Basinger bought Braselton, Georgia, for a different reason than some celebrities who buy islands to show off or use for parties. Her purchase made news all over the world, and many people wondered what she was up to. As it turns out, one of her big ideas was to make the town a big tourist spot with production studios, recording studios, and a film festival.

Why Does Hollywood Not Want to Work With Kim Basinger?

Hollywood hasn’t told her she can’t work there. She just stopped making a lot of money from movies in the 1990s, which made her less popular as an actress. It doesn’t make much sense to hire actors if their presence in your project won’t draw many people to the theatre.

What Award Did Kim Basinger Won Firstly?

She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Natural (1984), and the National Board of Review gave the cast of Prêt-à-Porter (1994) an ensemble award.

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