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Kickass Torrent, Alternatives To The Biggest Torrent Site On The Planet

Kickass Torrent is no more. It has been two years since US authorities shut down what was the world’s largest torrent site. To the chagrin of millions of Internet users.

What about its alleged owner, Artem Vaulin who had been arrested in Poland? What alternatives exist today? How to download torrents without problem? These are all the questions I will answer in this article and for others, watch our tutorials!

Kickass Torrent: The Biggest Torrent Site Closes Its Doors

From Success To Sudden Closure

Kickass torrent, at its peak, was the most popular torrent site in the world. More visited than The Pirate Bay, and that’s saying a lot! But unfortunately when you are at the top you end up falling, this is the rule for almost all torrent sites.

It took less than 10 years for KAT to be number one day for the adventure to end. The site was created in November 2008. It will be closed in July 2016.

In the meantime, there will necessarily have been changes of address, temporary stoppages, etc. In short, the lot common to all the major torrent sites.

According to survey figures, the site generated at least $ 12 million in advertising revenue per year. On the other hand, what differs is that its owner has been arrested!

The Artem Vaulin Case

The alleged owner of Kickass Torrent is Artem Vaulin. A young Ukrainian in his thirties who was arrested in Poland. He was traveling with his wife and daughter to visit family in Iceland. The holidays have therefore come to an end!

Thanks to a cooperation agreement, the Polish authorities arrested the young man at the express request of the USA. He is indicted on four counts including money laundering, copyright infringement. Artem faces up to 25 years in prison.

After a year of imprisonment in dire conditions at the Warsaw-Bialoleka Detention Center, his state of health deteriorates. Artem suffers from spinal problems. He gets bail (108,000 dollars).\

Currently, Artem Vaulin is therefore still on parole, impossible for him to travel because his case is still pending. He is fighting against an extradition to the United States which would undoubtedly be synonymous with imprisonment for many years!


Finally, note that Apple actively collaborated with the American authorities to allow the arrest of Artem. The company with the bitten apple has indeed provided the IP address which allowed Artem Vaulin to be confused and to find his trace in Poland.

The latter, (not very smart, it must be said) would have made a purchase on iTunes then would have connected to Kat’s Facebook account with the same address.

He made this mistake in July 2015 and repeated it in December 2015. And to think that by simply using a good VPN all these problems could have been avoided!

The Best Alternatives To Kickass Torrent

Before presenting the different alternatives to Kickass Torrent, I remind you that illegal downloading is prohibited in France.

You should know that sanctions are taken against pirates! So downloading copyrighted works can only be done at your own risk.

The Pirate Bay: The World Leader:

The Pirate Bay is the world leader in torrenting. It is the most popular and well-known site in the torrent scene. Undoubtedly the most media platform too.

And logically, the torrent site whose access is the most prohibited also. Depending on where you live, you will definitely need a VPN like Cyberghost, VyprVPN to access it!

1337x: A Reference:

Another benchmark in the international torrent scene is undoubtedly 1337x. This site created in 2007 and which was rather discreet directly benefited from the disappearance of KAT. In fact, its traffic literally exploded after the giant was taken offline. It has thus entered the world’s top 5 torrent sites.

However, he had to deal with internal discrepancies, being sidelined by Google, etc. In short, provided with a new design to improve its indexing, the site is operational again and offers copious content. You will undoubtedly find something to entertain you there.

Rarbg: Another Big Classic

RARBG is another big international torrent site. Founded in 2008, the site is therefore about to celebrate its 10 years of existence, a hell of a time for a torrent site.

You will find everything on RARBG: movies, TV shows, games, music, porn but also information on the cinema and the world of entertainment more generally.

Use an ad blocker, do not hesitate to double click to get to your torrent but no major problem: everything works!


YTS.AG Still Heavy:

Still want a torrent site worth checking out? A good alternative to Kickass Torrent. Well here it is: Another heavyweight in the international torrent.

This site is particularly renowned for the quality of the torrents put online with regard to their lightness. There you will find all the films you are looking for and not just the new ones. Indeed, lots of little “old school” pearls are also hidden on this site.

Torrent Hound, Another Big Name

To continue with the big names of the genre here is Torrent Hound. A very good alternative to Kickass Torrent. You should find whatever you are looking for on this site.

Granted, it’s not very stylish, but you might not care about that. However, you will need to download the torrent hound client and provide an email address.

In a way, a free and compulsory registration. The administrators have in fact decided to take these measures to avoid legal problems.

Zooqle, A Rising Site!

Zooqle is a torrent site that continues to gain in popularity. And we understand why: the site is rather elegant with its white background and its symbols for the categories.

It is very readable but above all offers more than 3.5 million verified torrents. It is rather consequent all the same. You can create a user account but it is not essential.

Limetorrents, another Site On The Rise:

Actually Lime Torrents is more popular than the previous site, a great alternative to Kickass Torrent. In fact it is a very good reference and obviously Internet users around the world appreciate it more and more. In short, I should have put it higher in this ranking.

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