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Katt Williams Net Worth: How Much Does Williams Make in a Year?

Katt Williams is a comedian, actor, rapper, singer, voice actor, writer, and producer from the United States. Katt has many skills and has become well-known in all of them.

Micah Sierra Williams is his real name, but most people know him by his stage name, Katt. He has been in many movies and TV shows over the course of his work, but “Friday After Next” and “Wild ‘n Out” helped him become more well-known.

Katt Williams played Money Mike in this movie, which brought him a lot of attention for his playing skills. He has been in more than 22 movies, and most of them have been huge box-office hits.


Real Name Micah Sierra Williams
Nickname Katt
Age 51 Years Old
Date Of Birth September 2, 1971
Birth Place Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Height 5.5 feet ( 165 cm )
Weight 66 Kg ( 145 Lbs)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Ex-Spouse Eboni Gray
Marital Status Divorced
Kids 8
Father John Cornell Williams
Mother Brenda Louise
Nationality American

Katt Williams Net Worth:

According to reports, Katt Williams’s net worth in the United States in 2023 will be $10 million. He is one of the best comedian actors in the US and has been in a lot of funny movies and TV shows.

Katt Williams makes more than $40,000 a month. He makes most of his money from TV shows and movies, where he works as a comedian. His net worth is very high because of this work.

Katt Williams Net Worth

Katt Williams makes more than $600,000 a year. Besides that, he makes a lot of money from things like brand ads, TV commercials, and paid promotions. Since he has done well in the movie business, his net worth is going up every year.

Early Life of Katt Williams

Micah Sierra Williams, also known as “Katt,” was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States, on September 2, 1971. He turned 51 this year.

During his comedy shows, Katt often wears signs of his Christian faith. However, when he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, he was a member of the Nation of Islam for a short time.

He did well in school and finished at age 13. At age 13, he went to Florida and started selling things on the street.

Personal Life of Katt Williams

When it comes to Katt Williams’s wife, he dated famous people like Loni Love, Arika Kane, and Jhonni Blaze. At the moment, Katt William has two children she gave birth to and six children she adopted.

Micah Stephen Williams, his son, is also an actor. He is best known for playing Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel.

The Career of Katt Williams

Katt Williams’s first movie role was in the 2002 comedy Friday After Next, which was the third movie in the Friday series. It was called Money Mike.

Katt was already known as a good comedian before he made his first movie. He had been on famous comedy shows like The Improv, The Comedy Club, and The Ice House.

Katt Williams Net Worth

Katt also acted in three of his own comedy specials, including Katt Williams: Live: Let a Playa Play, It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’ and Kattpacalypse.

Aside from all that, Katt Williams’s work has always been pretty controversial, and his confrontational behavior has ruined many of his live shows. Even he has been caught a lot, like when a stolen gun was found in his briefcase at Los Angeles International Airport and he had to go to jail.

Katt Williams is also known for his part in “My Wife and Kids” as Bobby Shaw. Williams also acted in some very popular movies, such as,


Katt Williams is one of the wealthy comedians in the US, and he lives a very nice life. He owns a big house in Malibu, California, that is in a nice neighborhood.

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The beautiful, expensive house has a unique design with wide plank wood floors, old wood doors, and beautiful chandeliers.

In front of the house is a big yard with several fountains and places to sit. William also put money into a number of high-end homes in the country.

Car Collection:

Katt Williams loves luxury and expensive cars just as much as any other big Hollywood star. So let’s look closely at the cars Katt has. The price of the No. 1 “Cadillac Escalade” is $80,490.

No.2: “The Rolls-Royce Phantom is one of the world’s most expensive cars.” Katt has the most expensive Rolls Royce, which costs about $450,000. No. 3: In Williams’ basement is a $200,000 Bentley Continental, which is another expensive car.

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