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Kate Middleton displays her flawless royal curtsy to King Charles and the Queen Consort during the riots.

Since Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, gave an interview in which she discussed the customs and traditions of the palace, there has been a monumental scandal over the same topic. During the time that Kate Middleton and her loyal followers were criticising the Duchess, Meghan’s supporters were being just as stubborn. A feud that has been going on between the two royal women has taken root on Twitter as its breeding ground. Nevertheless, following yesterday’s performance of a Christmas carol, it would appear that Kate Middleton has demonstrated that she is the ideal princess for the royal house.

To ensure that everything was in order for the Christmas carol, Kate and William were constantly on the move. It remained at the forefront of all of the royal headlines for a good number of weeks. In her capacity as a future queen-in-waiting for the throne, Kate has been solely responsible for Carol’s care for the past few of years. This year, as the event’s primary participant, the Princess of Wales made her appearance once more dressed in a spectacular yet timelessly elegant ensemble of wine-colored red wine hue. In addition to this, she made flawless, well-timed, and royally appropriate gestures that won the hearts of everyone.

Kate Middleton pleases everyone with her perfect royal gestures

Kate Middleton greeted King Charles and the Queen Consort as soon as they joined the family of four at the great celebration, as was documented by a variety of media outlets and paparazzi photographers. The princess wrapped her arms around the king and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, she gracefully curtsied by bringing her left leg behind her body in a bowing motion. She repeated the process with her mother-in-law, extending a warm greeting to both of them as they entered Westminster Abbey. Once more, she bowed her head in obeisance to the Queen Consort.

After the event was over, the monarch’s parents were spotted giving a bear embrace to their oldest grandchild, Prince George. William and Charlotte were greeted by the King and Camila, who were filled with affection. While this was going on, Kate Middleton smiled brightly as she turned to look at her supportive family.

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the official royal family website provided some information that was fairly straightforward. When meeting with members of the royal family, there is no obligation to follow such a guideline, according to the document. Every observer was moved by the princess’s willingness to uphold the integrity of the royal traditions, even though doing so does not constitute an obligation for her.

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