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Kass Morgan Net Worth: Biography, Religion, Political Beliefs, College, Personal Life!

How much money do you think Kass Morgan makes? YA author Kass Morgan has a fortune of $44.17 million. Kass Morgan was born on July 21st, 1984, in New York City. Young adult futuristic fiction trilogy The 100 was turned into a television series on the CCW by the author. Titled The 100, Day 21, and Homecoming are the three books in the series.
Members of Young Adult Authors Kass Morgan

Kass Morgan’s Biographical Sketch / History

On July 21, 1984, Kass Morgan was born in the United States. She is a well-known Young Adult Author. Young adult science fiction trilogy, The 100, was converted into television series on the CW by the author of this trilogy Books titled The 100, Day 21, and Homecoming are available. The zodiac sign of Kass Morgan, according to astrologists, is Cancer.

Kass Morgan Net Worth

American author and editor Kass Morgan (born July 21, 1984) is best known for her dystopian science fiction series, The 100, for young adults. She received a Bachelor’s degree in English and History from Brown University and a Master’s degree in 19th-century literature from Oxford University. She moved to New York City a few years ago. Sam Henry Kass and Marcia Bloom are her parents.

She was born and raised in the Big Apple.

Differences Among People Based on Race, Religion, and Political Beliefs

Many people are curious about Kass Morgan’s ancestry, race, and ethnicity. Let’s have a look at it! Kass Morgan’s ethnicity is unknown, according to public resources such as IMDb and Wikipedia. In this post, we’ll update Kass Morgan’s religious and political views. A few days after you’ve read it, come back and take another look.

Money Management – Kass Morgan
Kass Morgan is a well-known and well-paid author of Young Adult fiction. Kass Morgan’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million, according to our research on Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

In 2020-2021, her wealth increased dramatically. What is Kass Morgan worth at the age of 37? The majority of Kass Morgan’s earnings come from his burgeoning career as a published author. She’s from the United States. With the information we’ve gathered, we’re confident in our assessment of Kass Morgan’s wealth.

Reading gothic novels in the library at Brown University, where she majored in English and history, was a favourite pastime of hers. She went to Oxford after college to get a master’s in 19th-century literature.

The Question Is, Who Is Kass Morgan’s Partner of Choice?

Kass Morgan may be single and has never been engaged, according to our records. Kass Morgan is single as of December 2021. Kass Morgan’s past relationships have not been documented by us. We could use your assistance in compiling Kass Morgan’s dating history!

Kassidy Morgan College

Kass Morgan studied English and History at Brown University. She went on to get a Master’s degree in 19th-century literature at Oxford University. Dystopian, science fiction, and post-apocalyptic are some of the genres she writes in.

Kass Morgan Net Worth

With the help of Alloy Entertainment, a publishing house that develops intriguing book concepts and seeks creative writers who want to collaborate, Literature Morgan has been able to fulfil her creative aspirations.

Successive films and television programmes based on successful projects are produced. Some notable examples include The Vampire Diaries, Glee, and so on.

The author decided to work in the dystopian science fiction subgenre. There were several novels she read where the authors described destroying the Earth as a prophecy of the End of Days. A bookworm, she was eager to find out what happened next. Now she had to come up with her own answer to this issue and present a captivating story about how the Earth may be restored following a nuclear disaster.

Clark Griffin (Arthur Clarke), Wells Jaha (HG Wells), Octavia Blake (Octavia E. Butler), and Bellamy Blake (Belamy Blake) are all named after the author’s favourite science fiction writers (Edward Bellamy).

The creative team led by Cass was able to build a multidimensional plot that had adventures, chases, disasters, war scenes, a melodramatic component, and a number of contemporary literary elements.

The CW film company became interested in the series “The Hundred” while I was still working on the first novel, and a pilot was ordered and production began. Morgan was concerned that the book would be referred to as a novelization of the series due to its popularity on television. However, the television project was released following the release of the first novel, “The Hundred.”.

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These days, the “Hundred” series of novels and the related television show have devoted followings. Fans eagerly await the next season of the show, but bookkeepers are also anticipating to read the next books in the series. Currently, there are four volumes in Cass Morgan’s collection: The Hundred, 100: Day 21, 100: Homecoming, and 100: Rebellion ( December 6, 2016).


Life in the Private Sphere

Writing is taking up all of Cass Morgan’s time, so he has little time to think about his personal life or marriage, he reveals in an interview.

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According to the author, the following is an example of a normal day’s work:

Cass Morgan Is Now

Although it has nothing to do with The Hundred,

Kass Morgan Net Worth

Cass Morgan is now working on a book that explores the relationship between science fiction and young adult literature. On October 9, 2018, “Light Years” will be released.

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On her official Twitter account, the author welcomes you to keep up with her latest creative news and new images.


Kass Morgan is a well-known and well-paid author of Young Adult fiction. Kass Morgan’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million, according to our research on Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

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