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Kanye West, Who Just Lost Millions Due to Adidas, Must Now Pay a Six-figure Sum to Kim Kardashian and Their Children.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have finally reached an agreement about the terms of their divorce after a protracted legal battle. On February 14, 2021, Kim Kardashian submitted her initial petition to Ye for a divorce. The musician had effectively refused to comply and had initially missed court appearances; hence, the judge decided to give him one final opportunity to appear in court. However, the night before he was scheduled to be deposed, he made the decision to put an end to the conflict.

In 2014, the pair tied the knot for the very first time. Kardashian is going through her third divorce, but her current marriage has lasted the longest. They couldn’t agree on anything, from their political beliefs and financial strategies to the methods in which they should raise their children, and this ultimately led to the breakup of their relationship. The two parties reached a compromise after a drawn-out argument. The specifics are as follows:

Details of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Settlement

On Monday, West and Kardashian announced that they had at long last reached a divorce settlement deal. According to the terms of the deal, Ye will be responsible for contributing $200,000 per month toward the upkeep of his four children. The expenditures associated with the child’s education, safety, and any other activities will also be split equally between the child’s parents, in addition to the costs associated with the child’s upkeep and maintenance.

In the event that there are any disagreements in the future on this topic, they will be required to settle them amicably or offer a solution to a third party. There will be no payments made for either compensation or spousal support. The two people in the relationship have no expectations for one another. When it comes to the division of the property, everything will be done so in accordance with the conditions of the marriage contract.

Despite the fact that the infants will spend the majority of their time with their mothers. Nevertheless, arriving at this stage was not a simple task. After trying to win her back over the course of several months following the filing of the divorce petition by the owner of SKIMS, the singer known as Gold Digger began digging her up on social media. The creative individual had a desire for their children North, Psalm, Saint, and Chicago to attend the Donda Academy that he ran.

Ye also published screenshots of conversations he had with the Kardashian family and expressed his disagreement with the fact that the Kardashians allow their daughter North West to use social networking sites. The situation eventually forced the couple to refrain, for a time, from having any kind of direct conversation with one another. Despite the fact that they were observed chatting while attending activities at their children’s schools together. What are your thoughts on the compromise they came to? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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