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Kalie Shorr’s Ex-Boyfriend: The Cheater Who Broke Her Heart and Inspired Her Music

Kalie Shorr Ex-Boyfriend: Kalie Shorr is a rising country star whose songs have been praised for being honest and real. But her catchy songs and clever words hide a painful story of loss and betrayal. Shorr had a six-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend, but he cheated on her, quit, and took their dog.

That breakup hurt so badly that it inspired Shorr’s first album, Open Book, which tells the story of her mental journey from heartbreak to healing.

What Happened After the Breakup?

Shorr met her ex-boyfriend when she was 18 years old. She then went to Nashville to try to make it as a musician. They became close very quickly and both loved country music. Shorr planned to marry him one day because he thought he was the one.

But when she found out he had been cheating on her, everything changed. He told her he had been cheating on her with several women, including one of her friends, when she confronted him. He also told her that he had been using drugs and taking out loans in her name. It shocked and hurt Shorr’s heart.

Kalie Shorr Ex-Boyfriend

When she left him, she didn’t leave without a fight. She lost the health insurance she had been getting through his job. Their golden lab, Nash, had to stay with him, so she had to give him up too. She thought she had lost everything. She told People, “I was just so broken.”

The Album That Let It All Hang Out

Shorr kept making songs after her breakup. Actually, she used it to get ideas and let off steam. She wrote songs that showed how angry, sad, funny, and strong she was. She called people out, told secrets, and showed off her flaws. She told me everything.

In 2019, she put out her first record, Open Book, which had 13 songs that told her story. Many critics gave the record high marks, saying that it was honest and open. She said she was going to be honest with herself and her fans.

She told Yahoo, “I think there’s something really powerful about being aware, open, and honest.”

The Songs That Said Everything

Some songs on Open Book were directly about Shorr’s ex-boyfriend and their relationship. To give you some examples:

“F U Forever” is a mean message to the cheater who hurt her feelings. “You’re a liar, you’re a user, you’re a loser / You’re a two-timer, you’re a snake, you’re a faker,” Shorr says. You’re a bad joke, a mistake, and a heartbreaker. I hope you’re happy in your own company for all time.

Kalie Shorr Ex-Boyfriend

“The One” is a mocking song about the one who got away. Shorr sings, “You lied.” You were the one who lied. You were the one who made me cry and wasted my time. You are the one who hurt me / You were the one who left. You took the dog. You are to blame for this mess. “You’re the one, the only one, the only one.”

“Amy” is a song about a friend who lied to her and slept with her ex-boyfriend. Shorr sings, “Amy, you’re a bitch, I lent you my guitar for a year, but I never said you could borrow my ex-boyfriend. You can keep the strings and the pick, but you can’t keep him.”

The Healing That Followed

Shorr said that writing Open Book and putting it out there helped her get over her breakup and say goodbye. As well, she fell in love again and now has a new boyfriend named Sam Varga. He is a singer-songwriter with a background in rock, emo, and punk.

They’ve been together for more than a year and are very happy. Shorr told her that he likes her singing and that she is honest. She told People, “He’s so cool with it.” “He said, ‘Yeah, that’s your story.'” Say it.'” Shorr told him that she had moved on from her ex-boyfriend and didn’t mean any harm to him.

She told him she hoped he had grown and learned from his mistakes. She also hopes that her songs can help people who are going through the same things. She said, “I think the best thing you can do is go with your gut and hope that it hits someone.” “And I believe it has.”


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