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Jimmy John Liautaud Net Worth: Philanthropy, Car Collection, Infancy, Career, Personal Life!

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches was founded by Jimmy John Liautaud. It is a chain of franchised sandwich stores. In 1964, he was born. With Leslie, he has three children (Spencer Liautaud, Lucy Liautaud, and Freddy Liautaud). After graduating from high school, he launched his sub shop in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1983.


A generous giver, he supports the Folds of Honor Foundation, Dental Clinics, and educational institutions. Additionally, there are numerous other non-profit organisations in the area.

Jimmy John Liautaud Net Worth

The Liautaud Family Foundation was established in 2016 as a 501 non-profit organisation. A nursery for families in trouble received a donation of $200,000 from the foundation.

Collection of Automobiles

Liautaud is a car aficionado who possesses an impressive collection of seven Ferraris. LaFerrari is a unique car that he also owns. “SUBDUED” is the licence plate on his car.

Big Game Trophy Hunting

A controversy erupted around Liautaud in 2015. As pictures of him posing with killed big game animals began to circulate on Twitter. Elephants, rhinoceros, and leopards are just a few examples. The images in question were taken more than a decade ago, however. And he gave up big African game hunting as a result.

Infancy and upbringing

Jimmy John Liautaud, the founder of Jimmy John’s, was born on January 12th, 1964, in Arlington Heights, Illinois, to James P. Liautaud and his son, Jimmy John. James Liautaud, his father, is a well-known businessman, and Gina Gudaityte Liautaud is his mother. Greg and Robby Liautaud, as well as their sister Lara Berry, were the other three siblings to whom he was born. [5] [4] At Elgin Academy, a private prep school in Elgin, Illinois, he formed a close friendship with the dean, James Lyons. He was greatly affected by him.

After just one semester at Eastern Illinois University, he decided to leave to focus on his budding restaurant business.

A Career in a Restaurant

Both Drew Brees and Jimmy John’s franchise owner Jimmy John Liautaud has a lot of respect for one other.
On the condition that his firm failed, Liautaud’s father loaned him $25,000 and he agreed to enlist in the US Army if the business collapsed. Despite the wishes of his father, he agreed to lend them money in exchange for a 48% interest in the company. Jimmy John had originally planned to create a hot dog stand, but he recognised that the $25,000 he had at the time was not enough for such a business. After an accidental meeting at a sandwich restaurant, Jimmy John learned that he could operate a sandwich shop within his available budget by acquiring premium meats from a local market and baking his bread.

Jimmy John Liautaud Net Worth

He chose to include four sandwiches on his original menu after consulting with his family, who served as tasters. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches was first launched in Charleston, Illinois, on January 13, 1983.  Liautaud chose to offer delivery of his sandwiches as a way to enhance sales because of the bad placement of his first business. At Eastern Illinois University, he began by delivering samples door-to-door.  First-year profits began to flow when he took over the business. His father’s portion of the business was purchased by Liautaud at the end of his second year, and he was now the only owner. In 1986 and 1987, as the company grew, he was able to open two more locations.


In his spare time, Liautaud likes to go hunting and fishing. One of the biggest misunderstandings about Liautad, according to an interview he gave to the Chicago Tribune in 2015, was that he was associated with photographs of him posing with a huge game from ten years ago. Liautaud says he used to go on legal safaris in Africa to hunt big animals.

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But he no longer does. Since 2015, his hunting has sparked a boycott of his firm.

What Is Going on in My Personal Life

Liautaud has three children: Spencer, Lucy, and Fred, whom he shares with his wife, Leslie Liautaud. A vineyard owned by Liautaud has been on the cover of Wine Spectator, proving that he is an active investor in the wine industry. Thousands of acres of farmland in Central Illinois are also under his control.

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He also owns a 198-foot superyacht dubbed ROCK.IT, which was custom-built by Feadship in 2014 with assistance from Liautaud. Some of the ship’s yacht awards and industry journals have included it as a finalist and a feature on their lists of notable vessels.

Amount of Jimmy John Liautaud’s Wealth

The net worth and salary of Jimmy John Liautaud: Jimmy John Liautaud is a multibillionaire American restaurateur and bar owner. Born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Jimmy John Liautaud grew up there. In high school, his father gave him a choice between starting a business or joining the military, and he chose to create his own. A successful businessman, his father was the proprietor of the Capsonic Group, a moulded plastics manufacturing company that supplied Ford and GM, among other significant corporations.

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Jimmy received $25,000 from his father to help him start his own business. In return, his father received a 48% stake in the company.

Jimmy John Liautaud Net Worth

After first specialising in hot dogs, Jimmy John Liautaud turned his focus to sandwiches and opened his first establishment in 1983. Many of his initial regular customers were Eastern Illinois University students who lived in the area.


It took him just two years to buy his father’s 48 per cent stake in the company. After that, the company grew at an exponential rate. Jimmy John’s is now a well-known restaurant sandwich chain. There are currently 2,800 Jimmy John’s locations around the world, and 98 per cent of them are franchised out.

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