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Is Jimmy Fallon’s Affair With Ariana Grande Real?

Want to know about the relationship between Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande? We are talking about the host of The Tonight Show, who is said to have hooked up with the singer in 2018 while she was dating Pete Davidson.

That was mostly spread on Tiktok, and fans still can’t believe it. Was that true, though? Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande are in the business.

Jimmy Fallon is best known for his talk show, The Tonight Show, which has the same name as him. Also, he got a lot of fame from being on Saturday Night Live for many years.

Isn’t Ariana Grande good? Who isn’t familiar with her? Some of her best-known songs are Santa Tell Me, Stuck with U, MONOPOLY, Positions, Rain on Me, 7 Rings, Look Up, True Love, and many more. As a fan of hers, which one is your favourite? Didn’t you listen to Thank U, Next by Ariana? It’s really amazing.

Back to Jimmy Fallon, news of his relationship with Ariana Grande is all over the internet. Some fans are now starting to believe it. Even though some people still can’t believe it. Is it true? If you want to know if the rumours that Jimmy Fallon is having an affair with the Positions singer are true, here is what we know.

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Is Jimmy Fallon’s Affair With Ariana Grande Real?

It’s all a lie that Jimmy Fallon was having an affair with Ariana Grande. This means that the rumours aren’t true. Even if two people are of different sexes, they can still be friends. We don’t understand why some people can’t accept this.

How did people start to say that they were dating? Someone who worked in public relations said that they noticed that Jimmy Fallon had Ariana Grande on his show a lot. The Tiktok user also said that they saw Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande kissing backstage, but not on camera.

Jimmy Fallon’s Affair With Ariana Grande

Not to mention, it was said that Ariana Grande didn’t have any work or events to promote on the show. Some people wondered why she was on the show so often when they knew this.

Well, this is also a good time to talk about Jimmy Fallon’s private life. The TV host is married to the love of his life, Nancy Juvonen and they are very happy. She is a co-owner of Flower Films with Drew Barrymore, in case you were wondering. 2007 was the year Jimmy and Nancy tied the knot.

When people heard that Jimmy Fallon was having an affair with Ariana Grande, they were shocked. No one ever thought that would happen. Also, they aren’t too close in age. Well, the person who shared the news on Tiktok didn’t say who they were. But everyone thought the woman would be singer Ariana Grande.

This news spread like wildfire on social media, especially on Tiktok. At the time, Ariana was dating Pete Davidson, a comedian on Saturday Night Live. If what their friends said was true, they both cheated on their partners. Since the person didn’t say who the woman was or confirm it, we can assume it’s not true. It wouldn’t be right to say anything about it.

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It was said that Ariana Grande was invited four times to the show in 2018. Even though Ariana and Pete were engaged at the time, they didn’t stay together for long. They ended it the same year, or more specifically after a few months.

Why? Well, the rumour that Jimmy Fallon was having an affair had nothing to do with it. After Ariana’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller died, they broke up. It was scary for her, and Pete stayed with her during that time. The comedian realized that they were meant to break up at that time.

We’re curious if Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande ever dated. Neither of them ever said they were together. What are your thoughts on this?

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